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Weekly Top 10 Indie Dance November 1st 2016

New tracks from The Knocks, Owen Bones, HONNE, Zella Day and RY X
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The day after Halloween is the perfect time to introduce some chill back into your life. Chillvember (™'d by our groovy chill dance editor, Ben Houston) is officially upon us, and I'm ready for the days to get shorter, temperatures to drop, to cuddle up and pop open a good bottle of red wine. The tracks below were all handpicked and curated to fit the sultry, relaxing vibe of this moment in time. 

Listen to the full mix here. 

The Knocks - Heat (feat. Sam Nelson Harris) 

The NYC based duo bring the heat in this innovative, electronic burner with a sultry, R&B sound that will keep your head bopping and your finger on the “play” button. They're touring in Europe now, catch um' if you can. 

VÉRITÉ - Somebody else

Vérité has been one of my favorites for sometime. Her latest, a cover of The 1975’s synth-heavy ballad, “Somebody Else.”, continues to impress. True to form, Vérité brings a darker, more intimate side to this popped up track that leaves you yearning for more.

Owen Bones - Anywhere (feat. Mothica) 

It's easy to bask in Owen Bones's seductive new single, "Anywhere" featuring great beats and the raspy vocals we've come to expect from Mothica, who has also appeared on hit tracks like Pusher's Clear. 

Sylvan Esso - Radio 

Sylvan Esso first impressed me during an intimate 50 person performance three years ago. Since then, her vocals, dance moves and funky outfits have kept me a avid fan. Shoutout to her killer performance at this year's Treasure Island, where even that Sunday's torrential downpour couldn't keep her from donning her usual platform sneakers and high energy onstage. I was a foot deep in a puddle of water and had never danced so hard. Her next album drops early 2017. 

Zella Day - Man on the Moon

This 21 year old Arizona native has a new track out that you can't ignore. The lyrics read something like a poem and it will transport you to a psychedelic desert paradise you'll never want to leave. 

Jason Nolan - The Offing 

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Mellow yet vibrant, "The Offing" blends bass, synth, bongos and vocals to create a relaxing beat that's as calming as a light November rain. 

Stalking Goa - Second Nature  

Having been released in June, "Second Nature" is Possibly the oldest track on this playlist, however, this sexy, vulnerable song fits the brief of this month's playlist spot on. "Second Nature" envelopes you in a deep, sultry bass with a beat that's reminiscent of a thumping heart. 

MaJLo - Another Day

Beautiful and infectious, MaJLo's "Another Day" was an awesome find to stumble across. With vocals resembling the likes of Chet Porter and Passenger, this Poland based producer is one to watch, and the track is one to put on repeat. 

HONNE - FHKD (feat. Kill J)

While it's not a radical departure from the original, this release with Kill J, is more than welcome. Warm On A Cold Night, the July debut from London-based electro-soul duo HONNE, has seen plenty of catchy, sweet, and etherial hits, and this remix is no exception. 

Anna of the North - Us

Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna Lutterud and her producer Brady show off their vulnerable side with their latest synth-pop single, Us. To quote Anna, "All of us have had that special person you’ll never forget, where the timing wasn’t quite right. It’s about a relationship between two people with a really strong connection. When it’s so good it’s bad for you." Deep, and spot on. 

Her vocals are dreamy as always, and the chorus is just as addicting as the relationship she refers to. 

RY X - Howling (Robin Hannibal Remix) 

We'll call this the bonus track as it's technically number 11, but as the remix was just released I felt compelled to share. RY X's voice is so etherial, but my favorite part is the tropical beats that accompany the words "Blush". Soft and romantic, this remix feels good all over. 


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