Noodle of Gorillaz uploads cryptic OKCupid profile

Noodle from Gorillaz has potentially dropped some information about forthcoming album
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The upcoming Gorillaz album has been heavily anticipated, and today, some clever Reddit and OkCupid readers may have decrypted some rather interesting news. 

According to those websites, Noodle, the fictional guitarist and keyboardist of the band, has created a new profile for herself, and people believe that somewhere in the midst, there is information about forthcoming project. 

While it's hard to know if there's hidden messages in a lot of the statistical side of the profile, many are specifically looking at “Ready? 12:11 xx DA” for clues. 

The project previously had a 2017 release date, but many are believing that the 12:11 could possibly hint at an earlier drop than projected. 

Conspiracy theorists can look for further information and join in on the fun at Reddit here

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