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Omate Announces Yumi, First Robot Powered by Android with Amazon Alexa

Omate announces the 'Omate Yumi' – the World’s first home robot built from the ground up with Amazon Alexa.
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Today, Omate has announced their new product called the Omate Yumi. It will be the first home robot built on AI from the ground up with Amazon Alexa and powered by Android.

Yumi is an AI robot that allows the entire family to converse with it, allowing everyone at home to do everything via voice command. From checking the weather to playing a Spotify playlist, and even video calls, this robot has the capacity to do it all. 

Laurent Le Pen, Founder and CEO at Omate says- 

“We have spent over a year from design to engineering in order to give birth to Yumi. It required deep Android software customization to combine high-end audio and state-of-the-art AI into its complex mechanical design. Yumi has been built on AI from the ground up, it is an incredibly smart and cute robot; a personal assistant, a music hub and a smart-home control point all in one.”It's got a multitude of features that are detailed in bullet points below."

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Prices start at $349.00 for the limited edition version, and will be available via Indiegogo on November 15th, with a delivery date sometime in March of 2017. Yumi is expected to be available in retail stores in Q3 of 2017 for around $599.00. 

Smart Assistant:

  • Interact in a hands-free way, simply using your voice.
  • Ask Yumi what you want to know: weather forecast, news report, traffic info, etc…
  • Enjoy Music and Entertainment by asking Yumi to play a song or a playlist directly from your favorite cloud services: Spotify / Pandora / TuneIn / Amazon Music…
  • Connect Yumi to your smart home networking systems
  • Securely check your home activity with the front camera of Yumi via the remote control app
  • And much more with over 3,000 Amazon Alexa skills apps

The Real "Droid" Deal:

  • Make video calls via your favorite VoIP apps
  • Connect Yumi to your TV via HDMI
  • Browse the web, check emails
  • Play games
  • And much more with over 2 million available apps in the Google Play Store

For those in San Francisco, there will be a Yumi meet and greet at Terra Gallery on November 2nd (press only) and 3rd. RSVP details here

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