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Pioneer DJ Launches Their Popular WeDJ App for iPhone

Get WeDJ for iPhone free until December 4th

Pioneer has just announced WeDJ for iPhone for added portability and those iOS users without iPads.

The WeDJ iPhone/iPad app connects with your iTunes library and works perfectly for previewing tracks on the road for more professional users or as an actual platform for new DJs just starting out. 

WeDJ's 2-channel interface features everything a novice needs starting out and also works with the DDJ-WeGO4 or WeGO3 controllers once you are ready to step up to some hardware. (Pictured Below)

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.32.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.32.32 AM.png

The app includes jog wheels, waveforms, and play/cue buttons along with your traditional crossfader and tempo sliders. 

For more professional users this is a great way to quickly run through tracks and see what mixes well with what, test effects, etc. 

WeDJ for iPhone is available in the App Store for free until December 4, 2016. After this date, the app will be available only of €0.99.


Simple user interface for easy control

It’s easy to see what’s happening and control your mix thanks to the simple interface that’s optimized for the iPhone’s screen.

Performance features for endless creativity

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Make your sets unique with WeDJ’s Hot Cues, loops and sampler. You can trigger Pad FX by pressing down on the pads and, with Combo FX, you can blend two effects by tracing your finger on the x and y-axes on display.

DDJ-WeGO4/WeGO3 support for tactile control 

Both the DDJ-WeGO4 and DDJ-WeGO3 controllers make the ideal partner for WeDJ. When connected, the WeDJ display changes to a dedicated interface that’s optimized for use with the hardware. You can enjoy tactile control of WeDJ’s features by touching the DDJ’s jog wheels, faders, and knobs. Detailed information, such as the FX you’ve triggered, is shown on your iPhone’s screen.

Flexible layout

Choose the layout you like best from the three options:

Two jog wheels

Enlarged horizontal waveforms

Enlarged vertical waveforms

Other features

Automix – Press, the Automix button, and WeDJ, will automatically mix in the next track before the end of the track that’s playing

Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app

On-board Loopmasters samples

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