Primed for big things, Deuce & Charger's offering's to the altar of drum and bass have been strong in 2016.

The trio's track record? A Dossa & Locuzzed remix of their track ‘Who Can You Trust?’ on Viper's Summer Slammers compilation,  a dystopian laced monster dubbed "Equillibrium", and a NCT collab on Liquicity's Alchemy 2. Want more? You can't handle any more!!! Okay alright, maybe you can. We're trusting you, taking a leap of faith if you will...

This round, Becky, Pete and Yoni are whipping your fairy feelings into a frenzy. Introspective and emotional - "A Leap Of Faith" is drum and bass that sears. Becky's crisp vocals and some church choir vibes (ala Pete) elevate this half time hero with tissue wringing precision. Yes! That's what we're in the mood for on a Monday! 

"A Leap Of Faith is a really emotionally direct track for us. The lyric is very honest and is one of Becky's best vocal performances. We backed away from club-focused production to use broken-sounding old drum machines and our favourite old Moog* sounds. The "choir" in the break is actually just me multi-tracked and processed through some mega-cathedral reverb!"

*A Moog is a type of synthesizer - for those of you who aren't sure and have decided to just attribute that sound to a large type of animal.

Come release day (11th of November) you can make your own mind up but all things considered, Magnetic would take a whacking great leap of faith on the D&C lineup any day!

Grab the track!
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