Premiere: argonaut&wasp - Disco Disco

A fishing trip goes haywire in the music video.
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argonaut&wasp have new visuals for their track "Disco Disco" today, and it's the perfect way to get through the week. The video sees the two guys at a seemingly ordinary fishing trip until things go a little haywire. 

The track itself is stunningly addicting and catchy beyond belief, and it's the kind of track we expect to hear at day parties to come. 

Dylan and Dakota PF, the directors of the music video, explain more- 

argonaut&wasp initially approached us last fall to collaborate on a music video for Disco Disco (The Drum Song), a track off their latest EP, "Ha! Fiction." We thought it sounded like a great gig and immediately signed on. 

The two of us have individual backgrounds in painting, sculpture and animation and have wanted to angle our style around incorporating those elements into mixed media filmmaking. This video was the catalyst for our new mixed media style, and it has become increasingly more important to embrace those forms and include them in our current and future film work.

We wanted to use these techniques to help match our visual style with a musical narrative to create a video that was both aesthetically andnarratively engaging. argonaut&wasp seemed like the perfect band to try something like this with. Their upbeat sound and funky vibes let us think about the film in a way that was void of restraints.

Listen to both the track on soundcloud, and watch the video above! 

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