Premiere: Blakey- Prism Of Love

The stunning track will be out Holiday Pay Records on December 9th.
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The Thanksgiving holiday has definitely left me feeling sluggish this morning, and admittedly, no job is easy to return to after a long weekend. Luckily, we've got some great music sent our way, and it definitely makes all the work easier when the tracks are so fantastic. 

Today we've got a new exclusive from UK-based newcomer Blakey, who's newest track "Prism of Love," is easily becoming a standout from everything we have heard today. With influences in his sound that range from house, soul, and R&B, he knows how to convey his emotions in a way that's beyond his years. 

On the track itself, he notes- 

You can say a lot about a song, whether it's good or bad or whatever - But you can’t argue with someone being really honest and authentic about how they feel. I think it's rock and roll to just say something how it is. Even if some people think its naff - fuck em. It’s honest.

"Prism of Love" wil be out via Holiday Pay Records on December 9th. 

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