Premiere: Codes- Bumps (Official Video)

Get ready for some serious bass, out via Psycho Disco.

NY-based Codes has been steadily building a name for himself through his fantastic Hip-Hop influenced house tracks out via Slow Roast, Hed Kandi, Ultra, Main Course, and SMOG, among others. 

Earlier this year he teamed up with Treasure Fingers-owned record label Psycho Disco for his EP, Bumps, and the resulting work has been music that is undeniably addicting to the ears, with 

He's finally geared up for a video release for the project, and the resulting visuals are manic, chaotic, and vibrant, everything necessary to kickstart this Tuesday and have us energized as we edge closer and closer to the weekend. 

On the video and track, Codes had this to say- 

"'Bumps' was born from me taking influence of having a super BASSed out car sound systems when I was younger. My first car was a 1989 Grand Marquis Station Wagon. I put a big ass speaker box with two Kicker subs in it. Where I grew up, there was a dude my cousin knew who would rob peoples systems and had a garage full of car sound systems. That's where I bought my first system along with a tape deck. There was a tape in the deck from whoever this guy robbed and it was called DJ Magic Mike Bass Is The Name Of The Game. That definitely played a big part in my early exposure to bass music. But long story short, if you had a system in your car your car had "Bumps." With that being said feel free to post up videos of you jamming to "Bumps" on your own car or home bumps! #ShowMeYourBumps"

Check out the full video. 



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