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Premiere: Emancipator - Maps & Father King EP - Side B

Out via Loci Records
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Today we're really excited to premiere this EP with the legendary Emancipator for his project, Maps and Fathers King.  

The Maps and Father King EP will be released tomorrow (November 11th) to celebrate the 10 year anniversary via his own label, Loci Records

On the release, he mentions- 

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Ten years ago, I released "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough" on CD-Rs, biking to the post office a few times a week to send out whatever orders trickled in through the Paypal address I had posted on Myspace. Somehow it reached the ears of iconic Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes and was released on his label, Hydeout Productions. In addition to giving the album a professional mixdown, Nujabes suggested a new tracklist that omitted two songs, "Maps" and "Father King." As a special nod to the ten year anniversary of my first album and these two lost tracks which are still dear to me and many of my listeners, I'll be releasing a special Maps & Father King EP on November 11th with both tracks remastered and remixed by four different producers. I'm very excited to give new life to these songs in the form of this special release which will be available on vinyl as well as all the usual digital platforms.

Listen to the project below, and check out his tour dates as well!


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