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Premiere + Interview: Kartell - Flares (feat. Crayon)

His first project since his 'Tender Games' EP in 2015.
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Kartell has been propelling music forward in France's future house scene, and with his label, Roche Musique, the talented DJ and producer has been crafting an unique place for himself in the electronic music scene. 

He's dropping his Last Glow EP, the first since his Tender Games EP in 2015. More dynamic in its sound and raw in its power than his previous work, the EP may be Kartell's strongest project to date. 

We sat down with the French artist for a quick five, and we asked him a couple of questions!

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Thanks Kartell for talking to us! We'd love to learn more about your newest release. Is this a continuation from your last EP Tender Games?

This EP is starting on new bases. I've changed my approach on how to make music on this new one. I like to see every new EP with a different look. Tender Games was an intimate EP. This EP sounds a little bit more intense and sometimes mystical I think. It's also exploring some ideas I haven't shown yet.

In making this EP, who/what were your biggest influences? Did you go into making this project with an idea in mind, or did things fall more naturally into everything?

My friends and my label were the biggest influences for this EP. I'm really lucky to have an inspiring team of artist in my surrounding. We are all pushing each other further by traveling, or making music together. I had a starting point idea which was 2 colors, blue and orange, when the night fall, which is known as the Blue Hour. This was the inspiration for the first single 5 A.M. The rest followed naturally after this one. It came up pretty diversified in term of sounds and genres, but that's how I see my music.

What can we expect from your for the rest of 2016?

I'm already working on new music and putting up a new mixtape. We are also shooting a really nice video for one of the track of the EP, which will be out next week. I'm playing for a festival in Paris tonight with Darius and the Roche crew. I also have gigs next week in Sydney and Mexico city. Then I think I'll be in the studio for a good part of december :)

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