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God knows Magnetic loves a mystery and as the identities behind the Killer Hertz trio are shrouded in blue goo above - consider our interest piqued! One thing we do know is that they're all classically trained, which goes a long way to explaining the cinematic journey their first track, "Prometheus" takes you on. 

Releasing on Viper VIP, Viper Recording's sister label, and comprised of equal parts uplift and building bass, "Prometheus" makes for a bumping foray into the future.  Friction fired it into the stratosphere a couple of weeks ago on his Radio 1 show and today, Magnetic are primed to do the same for the online world. 

Without further ado - one debut single - coming right up! 

As a trio, this was their first track written collaboratively and as they did such a bang up job there, perhaps describing the vibes of this one is best placed in their capable mitts:

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"We started by writing a cinematic intro, then the drop fell into place. We soon realised that "Prometheus" was the blueprint of things to come. Killer Hertz we are making musicality the main focus. Don’t get us wrong, sound design is important, but we want to bring the best of both worlds to the dance floor." 

Mission accomplished guys! Focused on pushing their sound to the limits, we can only anticipatorily wait to see Killer Hertz have in store for us next.

In the meantime, calm yourself, "Prometheus" is out on the 25th of November. 

Get at it here.

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