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Premiere: Lincoln Jesser - Between These Lines & Lost With You

Off the CASA MIRAGE EP via Spinnin Records, out November 18th.

We're excited today to bring to you new visuals from LA producer,DJ, vocalist, and instrumentalist Lincoln Jesser, who's fantastic production work is paired with a video that follows a girl through her home (to put it simply). While it all can seem relatively simple, the actions in the video manage to beautifully reflect the stunning song, and the resulting work is something that's definitely worth watching ASAP. 

Casa Mirage, the EP that contains this track, will be released via Spinnin' Records on November 18th. 

Check out the tracklist below, and listen here

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1. "Between These Lines" Feat. Quiñ

2. "Lost With You"

3. "Roll On" Feat. Anjulie

4. "Aching" Feat. Nella

5. "Blow It Away" Feat. Jarell Perry

6. "Don't Make Me Wait" Feat. Joker Jaxx

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