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Premiere: um.. - Try Harder (elephunk remix)

Their remix EP will be out on November 17th.

Today we're super excited to premiere a stunning track for you a remix of "Try Harder," by Elephunk. This remix follows the um.. guys second EP, Do It For the Kids EP, that came out earlier this year.

The talented remixer brings their A-game to the remix, and bring a grungy, dirty remix that won't quit. Perfect for the dancefloor and the late night drive, this one will definitely be seeing some action on our personal playlists for weeks to come. 

According to um.. - 

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"elephants never forget. that's what we always said when we heard Elephunk was remixing our song. and boy are we glad."

and according to Elephunk- 

"Ben & Dylan from um.. have always been huge inspirations to me ever since I met them at Icon Collective. Ben would always take time to sit with me and help me learn and grow musically, for no other reason than he just wanted to see me succeed and become the artist I wanted to be. When I was homeless, these guys put a roof over my head and food on the table for me when I had nothing to offer back. They are true friends, more like brothers to me. I chose to remix Try Harder because of the message within the title. The um.. guys, since day 1, have always pushed me to try my hardest to be better, not just in my music but also as a person. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to remix a song for them”

The full Do It For the Kids remix EP will be out November 17th. Other remixers include x&g, Dack Janiels, Oolacile, ESQ, Noer the Boy, Holly, and MNX, who was a WAVO contest winner. They also have a merch line that you can check out here

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