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Premiere: "Words Colliding (Lynx Remix)" - Peppermint Heaven [Megahit Records]

Basslines, breaks and bum bags - Lynx's remix of Peppermint Heaven's "Words Colliding" has it all in one dynamite DnB package.

Peppermint Heaven. Who is it? What is it? Lynx knows, and he's taken to the the two piece Chicago based band with absolute aplomb. Aplomb we tell you! Lynx has chopped, cut up and tumble dried three tracks from their debut album, "Precious Things" to create 80's baby drum and bass of the highest (most un-cheese heavy) quality.

Lynx should be no stranger. 2014 saw him signed to Hospital Records and release his debut LP 'I Am Lynx'. He's known for his individual spin on the genre  (we like Bee's Knees) so it's no surprise that he's climbing into bed with Peppermint Heaven - for round three - to create well, this: 

When I remix a track first and foremost I like a challenge. Something that will put me outside of my comfort zone and make me think outside the box. Peppermint Heaven's awesome track "Words Colliding" did that. Their music puts me straight back to the eighties - to the music I used to listen to as a kid. To have the opportunity to remix this track was an absolute pleasure! - Lynx

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As you can hear, the track is deadly as farrrrk. The synthy vocals fuse up with that drum and bass flavour in a throwback blend-up to rival pairing neon leg warmers with your hotpants. 

Magnetic approves! Not of the hotpants, the other thing - the track dammit.

Track available soon (strong info - we know).

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Take yourself to Peppermint Heaven here.

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