Premiere: Zebuel - River City Sunset

Listen to this fantastic mix to get through your day.
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Today has been a rough day for so many of us, but luckily music, as always, is becoming a friend and ally we all need. 

We've picked up this fantastic mix from Zebuel, who recently released his album, River City Sunset (released in 2016 on Zeb’s own Smoked Out Soul Records, in conjunction with Mixto Music and Love Haight Records). In conjunction with the style and sound of the album, he's given us just the exact mix we need to make it through the day. 

On the track, the artist himself has this to say - 

This mix is a journey into the vibe of Smoked Out Soul Records. Like listening to a radio station that picks up frequencies from the past and the future. A space age soul station where Zebuel's new album River City Sunset is featured alongside remixes, edits, collaborations and favorites. Sit back, relax and enjoy River City Radio! 

Check out the mix below, and purchase his album here

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