Pulse Nightclub to become a memorial

The city of Orlando purchases the nightclub in a $2.25 million deal
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Photo Credit; NBC News 

Photo Credit; NBC News 

The city of Orlando and Pulse Nightclub have reached a $2.5 million agreement to turn the nightclub into a memorial. 

According to the mayor, Buddy Dyer- 

"There are lots of people that are making a visit to the site part of their trip, part of their experience of Orlando, so I think 12 to 18 months of leaving it as-is would be appropriate," 

While there will still need to be community discussion to debate what type of memorial this place will become (including some voting towards keeping the club intact permanently), the main goal is to - 

"create something to honor the memory of the victims that are deceased [and] those that were injured, and a testament to the resilience of our community."

Pulse Nightclub has been an iconic nightclub since before this year's tragic events, and recently partnered with Smirnoff and EDC Orlando

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