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Red Bull BC One World Final will be on December 3rd

We also have a quick chat with BenStacks!
Photo Credit: Red Bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull BC One is gearing up for a massive final B-boy contest of the year in Nagoya, Japan on December 3rd, and the physical energy these artists put into their work is fully displayed in previous competitions that lead up to this event. 

To prepare, the Red Bull team have put together a mini-series that displays the dedication and the work both Red Bull and its contestants are putting into to advancing the dance culture. 

Red Bull TV will broadcast head-to-head knockout battles between 16 of the world’s top b-boys, including Victor Montalvo (the defending champion) and BenStacks, both of whom are from the U.S.

Photo Credit: Red Bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull

On B-boying, BenStacks mentioned- 

B-boying means everything to me. It has got me through hard times, and has kept me focused on learning and being dedicated. It started off as something I did just for fun into a career. It's amazing competing in a global competition, because you're competing against the world's best. And to be considered one of the top B-boy's in the world. It is a great honor to be a part of Redbull BC One World Finals. It's always good to see the other competitors. We've all been in the same scene for so many years so it's good to see familiar faces. But everyone will have their game face on because we are all there for the finals.

On his own history- 

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I believe my first battle was when I was 14. It was a grudge battle against another crew that lived on the other side of town. There weren’t many competitions at this time, so we had to battle at a rave. 19 years later, here I am battling for the world title. Consistency is key. It took me a long time to get here, but I'm here now.

On other types of dance styles he enjoys-

I enjoy other styles of dance: lakehouse popping, freestyle, hip hop , acrobatics, choreography, and all types of movement.

On his favorite type of music- 

I love 90s hip-hop, original breaks, but I love of all genres really. There is a good song for every situation and for every emotion. 

Photo Credit: Red Bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull

For those interested, you can watch the livestream here via Red Bull's homepage on December 3rd. 

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