Reddit discusses the best hip hop tracks of the year

u/ThatParanoidPenguin drops an impressive list of best hip hop tracks of the year.
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The year-end lists are starting to compile, and Reddit is no different. A fantastic list in r/hiphopheads has popped up and we knew we had to post some of the great explanations that were displayed in the thread.

Read the full list from Reddit User u/ThatParanoidPenguin here, but check out our favorites below. 

Daz Dillinger & Snoop Dogg - Have U Eva

It's unfortunate how mediocre this album ended up turning but, but there are a few good tracks. This one is pretty good, and probably has the best chorus out of anything on the album.

Snoop Dogg - Super Crip

I'm trying to limit the artist count to one, but I consider groups as one separate artist, and besides, Snoop's a legend and this song is too good to be ignored. Snoop's output in the last few years has been back and forth, but there's always some gold on each project he's released. Last year's Bush blessed us with tracks like Peaches N Cream, and COOLAID is the same way. Super Crip sounds like classic Snoop, with an insanely good chorus. The instrumental is super catchy and each little background noise adds so much to the maximalist instrumentation. And when those drums kick in, it's undeniable that this song deserves to be on this list.

De La Soul - Here in After (feat. Damon Albarn of Gorillaz)

Yeah, it's another song that's pretty popular compared to the others. And the Anonymous Nobody... may not be the best hip hop album of 2016, but all around, it's an extremely enjoyable listen that serves as a full experience in the best way possible. The second-to-last track, may not be the best one, but it's such a smooth blending of De La's style and Albarn's instrumentation, I definitely had to choose it. The bridge that happens around the halfway mark is one of the most subtle and yet most impressive of the year, and as great as the outro after it is, I almost feel like this would make for a better closer to the album, because it's just so well done.

Iamsu! - Fly Guy (feat. Show Banga)

Iamsu! might never have the fame he captured with Sage the Gemini on Gas Pedal, but that doesn't mean he has stopped serving us bangers. His 2016 album was mostly forgettable, but Fly Guy is one seriously high-energy testament to his ability to deliver hype.

GTA - Little Bit of This (feat. Vince Staples)

For some reason, unorthodox electronic producers and Vince Staples work together like bread and butter. His work with Flume and James Blake may be some of his best, and it's clear he's not gonna slow down with the features anytime soon. This time, he's collaborated with a Miami producer duo called GTA, and they're not just any EDM duo - GTA's album delivers with features from Iamsu!, Tunji Ige, and Tinashe, with their style incorporating the best of EDM while also avoiding a lot of the sounds that make the genre so stale. Little Bit of This features some seriously compelling percussion with a lot of great little sounds sprinkled throughout the whole thing, from sirens, to squealing tires, to a perfectly-timed frog croak before the chorus.

DJ Mustard - Been A Long Time (feat. YG & Ty Dolla $ign)

I'm sure we're all pretty tired of DJ Mustard (I know I am), but he released an album this year, and it's pretty solid. The opening track, Been A Long Time, is nothing short of a banger, and the trio delivers some serious chemistry. It's one of the only songs I keep finding myself revisiting on this album, because it's just so replayable.

SiR - Cadillac Dreams (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)

The whole world still sleeps on KRIT, unsurprisingly, but he keeps on delivering the fire. Cadillac Dreams is a collaboration with California R&B singer SiR, and the result is buttery smooth. SiR is definitely one to watch out for, as he lies somewhere between the convention and perfect of Anderson .Paak and the experimentation and oddity of Lance Skiiiwalker. KRIT comes in at the end and does his thing and the whole world is better for it.

E-40 - On One (feat. AD)

In case you didn't know, E-40 dropped a 42 track double album a few weeks ago, and it's long as hell but oh god is it fire. On One is a single from the second half, and it's absolute fire. Seriously. E-40 brings the hype, and it's impossible to deny the energy this guy has despite nearing the age of 50. The chorus is one of my favorites of the year, and the beat is just insane. Definitely check out this and the whole project, there's features from Jay Rock, Gucci Mane, and more.


A two part song with one of the best beat switches of the year, 4 MORE DRINKS/PINK FENTY SLIDES is the epitome of what lil aaron stands for: Drugs, drinks, and girls. If that sounds familiar, I'm not surprised. However, this album and song are anything but familiar - the Los Angeles rapper has taken the druggy auto tuned style of Travi$ Scott and turned up the rock to 11, and the result is something that's at the least fascinating, and at the best, the absolute next best thing. Heavy in atmosphere, 4 MORE DRINKS is doused in braggadocio self-aware self-loathing ("I'd rather kill myself than ever go back home") over a classic drum pattern laced with some signature Travi$ guitars and some wobbly synths. PINK FENTY SLIDES, however, kicks in, and the synths are bursting to the max. Then, the drums come, and momentum is turned up, and the wobbly synth appears from the first half, and the song finishes how it started, with the roar of an engine.

Adam Vida - I'm Juiced (Tommy Pickles)

Here's a hot take: you're gonna hear this everywhere. Joining the ranks of rappers like Aminé defining the new wave of party rock, Adam Vida drops some lighthearted yet hard bars over a simple yet infectious beat, and absolutely kills the chorus. It's poppy yet veteran, and his brand of rap should attract both casual listeners and longtime hip hop fans.

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