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Rich Chigga is back with a video for "Who That Be"

A new video from the fantastic 88 Rising team.

Upon first glance, Rich Chigga can easily seem like a joke. With a humor that permeates every facet of his musical work, it can be easy to misinterpret the young artist as a humor-based rapper that's doing this for laughs. For me personally, I think of him more as a Das Racist equivalent for the new Lil-Uzi Vert/Playboi Carti type generation. Intelligent and whimsical, smarter than his peers but still playing the game. Beyond all of that though, he's simply catchy and he knows it. 

The Indonesian star has teamed up with the guys at 88 Rising (an important group for Asians in music) to release the official visual component for "Who That Be." The video shows him still wearing dad-clothes, albeit flashier than he had been before. His humor still radiates heavily throughout the visual component, and his lyricism is top-notch as always. 

It can be easy for someone to dismiss Rich Chigga's work, but for Asians in music, his popularity has marked a significant turning point, and with the work of 88 Rising, 

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