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The last time we had a moment with Sailor & I, his guest mix took us so far into the Leftfield it went from magical to mystical. Now, eagerly and excitedly, what does he have in store for us this time?

This Swedish jack of all trades is coming in real hot with his latest single "Black Swan" in advance of his debut album The Invention of Loneliness' release in February 2017. "Black Swan" will haunt and compel. It'll warm and freeze in the same breath - all building to a cinematic climax that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's received accolades from the always credible Pete Tong, and it's even got Maceo Plex on remixing duties. Need we say anymore to motivate you to listen? 

But, it all doesn't stop there! No, not by a long shot! To celebrate "Black Swan", and give you a bit of an inside glimpse into the essence of the track and the overall aesthetic of what it grooves right into, we have an exclusive guest chart!

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"My favorite tracks at the moment. They're quite different, but that's the way I roll." - Sailor & I

Stay tuned for so much more to come from Sailor & I. The Invention of Loneliness is going to be something else, I guarantee it. Jump it right to the front of your can't wait to be listened to releases for early 2017! Is it February yet?

The artwork for Sailor & I's debut album

The artwork for Sailor & I's debut album

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