Sennheiser at Miami Art Basel is a must-see

We'll be covering Sennheiser on Facebook live!
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Miami Art Basel is speedily heading our way, and we're starting to hear about some of the amazing work various people and companies are planning on displaying there. We've just gotten word about what Sennheiser is planning, and it's definitely being thrown around in the office as a must-see. 

The audio specialists are planning to host a performance between German sound artist Nik Nowak and Miami Bass legend, Neil Case, a.k.a. Bass Mekanik, where the two artists engage their mobile boom systems at the infamous venue, Gramps. They've also got a panel with Nowak planned on the 2nd, where he will talk with  members of Future Audio Artists Program jury and discuss sound in art. 


On top of that, Sennheiser will present video installations showing works by Nik Nowak and other visionary artists including Nigel Stanford at its Future Sound Cube, a unique venue for audio-visual artworks and Sennheiser Listening Experiences. The Future Sound Cube provides visitors with two unique sound experiences – AMBEO and the Sennheiser HE 1. AMBEO is Sennheiser’s groundbreaking 3D Immersive Audio Technology, which brings a spatial dimension to music, immersing the listener in sound. 

The Magnetic Mag team plan to cover the Sennheiser platform live, so there's definitely no excuses on missing out on this one! More information about Sennheiser at Art Basel can be found here

Miami Art Basel runs from December 1st -4th. 

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