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[REVIEW] Teksupport Hosts Circoloco in Brooklyn @ Brand New Venue on Halloween Weekend

Teksupport launches its new brand with a Circoloco Halloween party in Brooklyn at a brand new venue. Mistakes were made, but it was a night worth remembering.

This past weekend was nothing short of "spooktacular" for a Halloween weekend in NYC. There were enough events to go around and it does not seem like any of them were empty in crowds. Saturday was a big night for event producers Teksupport (formerly TCE Presents) and their brand new warehouse venue in Depot 52 in Brooklyn behind the Brooklyn Hangar. With promises of an authentic Circoloco vibe paired with the warehouse environment, my friends and I donned our most elaborate of costumes and set out on our journey towards a wild night. This was Teksupport's first official event in a brand new space.

The Circoloco line up was:  

10:00-11:30 Dewalta 

11:30-1:00 Konstantin

1:00-2:30 Black coffee

2:30-4:30 Tania Vulcano b2b Cassy

4:30-6:30 The Martinez Brothers

6:30-8:00 Davide Squillace  


I had arrived there at about 12:30AM and there was no line as of yet, so my friends and I got through the front gates quickly and made it inside without a hitch. The venue was awesome, a largely gutted warehouse decorated with LED lights creating an ill red hue along with a bunch of the infamous Circoloco clown hanging from the roof. This early in the night, the crowd was still light and I was able to freely wander around to scope out the place. From the entrance, you can walk in to see the dancefloor space and the VIP area, which was on an elevated platform with rails that went around the right side of the venue. There were three bars, one on each side and one towards the back.

There was a bathroom area via the exit to the right of the entrance that led into a separate fenced area that had a food truck, porta-potties and some stacks of wooden panels to sit on top of. The stage was enormous and was at the front left of the venue. A huge elevated stage with a line of speakers on each side of the stage, and lights that shot out into the crowd. When I got there, Konstantin was finishing up in about half an hour, which gave me time to grab a drink. Not unlike Time Warp, drinks were expensive, which is an unfortunate experience to have no matter how expected it is. A bottle of Sprite was $9, and my wallet was fortunate enough that that was all I bought all night (my friends took turns buying each other water and alcohol). I generally believe that the cost for non-alcoholic beverages should be at an affordable price at any music event and water should always be free

Eventually, 1AM rolled around and Black Coffee went on deck. Black Coffee is a global favorite and I have heard him once or twice before, but I could never understand the craze. That is, until Saturday night. Black Coffee's performance was fantastic, talk about revving up the crowd! He did an incredible job of blending Ibiza techno beats along with house favorites, like Robin S "Show Me, Love" and "Too Much Information" (Laolu Remix) by Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra. As two-thirty AM began rolling around, things started to get a little intense at the show. Apparently, the line outside became a standstill as people began bottlenecking the entrance and making it a disaster to get in; because of this, people knocked over the gate and began barrelling inside without having their tickets checked. A few of our friends who had arrived from Boston after 2:30AM (and we were unable to email them their tickets because there was no cell service inside) had literally just walked inside to the show. 

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At one point as Cassy and Tania Vulcano were coming on deck to go back to back, the place got so crowded it was practically unbearable. Yes, there was some space towards the far back (and I mean FAR back) to where there was a lighter crowd, but who wants to enjoy a show all the way in the back? This was a sold out event and from what I heard there were more people attending than tickets sold (due to people just walking in). Simple things like getting to the bathroom was a difficult process that required a lot of pushing and shoving and being herded like sweaty cattle. Getting any form of hydration became a forty minute process no matter what I did as well, with the only options being to either stick it out and wait in the line where people kept shoving me to cut to the bar or make my to the very back bar (a strenuous task) and then have to make it back to my friends without having my drink knocked onto me. 

Luckily, Cassy and Tania made all my irritation melt away once I got back to my crew. For me, they were probably the best act of the night. After going ham to Black Coffee for an hour and a half, I gave my body another workout for two hours as these two men broke the barriers of sound with their amazing beats and collaborative skills that would have had the crowd easily allow them to just keep playing until 8AM. Screw the rest of the line-up! Following them were the Martinez Brothers and it was my first time seeing them live. I definitely can understand their popularity and constant residency at DC10. When the brothers get on stage, their energy, and playful tech-house really resonates with the crowd in front of them. Davide Squillace closed the show from 6:30AM - 8AM, with a pretty large crowd still hanging on for dear life. Feet swollen and trampling over the mess on the floor, we took it all the way until the end. The night was indeed incredible, heavily due to the lineup and the music. 


Overall, I can give the event three out of five stars because of the incredible music, the new venue being spectacular, and the overall vibe was a beautiful blend of Ibiza fun inside of a warehouse. I was in GA so I am unaware of how VIP was and if it was worth the money, but I would like to think that VIP is an additional luxury, not a must have. However, the lack of organization, high drink prices, access to water (by the end of the night they ran out of water).

The need for water accessibility at any given moment is crucial. Whether that is by having an extra bar with ONLY water sold or having water gallon stations with pumps for free water refills, a person should be able to get water at any moment that they don't feel good. The bars were so crammed that anyone who may have needed water in an emergency would not have been able to get any. Also, crowd control was atrocious. If there were any issues like at the party next door, evacuating would have been a total danger in and of itself. 

Teksupport has made the following statement in regards to the issues on Saturday: 

"On behalf of Teksupport, we sincerely apologize for the difficulty you experienced with entry into the Circoloco event on October 29. Our primary goal is always to create the best possible experience for our patrons and unfortunately, circumstances related to outside parties tarnished the enjoyment of this event. We are taking all necessary measures to ensure safety for our events in the near future. We are immediately changing security companies. Teksupport seeks to create an environment of fun and engagement in the music, and we value the experience of our audience over everything else. In order to make amends we’d love to offer you a complimentary pair of tickets to the upcoming Teksupport event on November 19 featuring Luciano, Kolsch, Bedouin and Kenny Glasgow, along with a free drink on us at the event in addition to your refund. Once again we humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or any affect this had on your Halloween weekend. "

So if you could not get in on Saturday, refunds will be made! 

This was Teksupport's first event and it was a newly made venue. Mistakes were going to happen and its all in the learning curve. Luckily, they have two more incredible shows coming before the end of the year and I am positive by then they should have everything smoothed out so that the event is enjoyable in all aspects! 


Check out their upcoming events:


Saturday, November 19th: Teksupport w/ Luciano, Bedouin, Kenny Glasgow & Kölsch


Saturday, December 10th: 10 Years Diynamic w/ Solomun, Adriatique, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Stimming, Karmon & Magdalena

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