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CRNKN held an AMA last Friday and we saw the talented producer chatted about his new track "The Grip," production tips, some of his biggest inspirations, and more.

We found the best questions and answers from the producer. Check it out below. 

1. Q: What's your favorite song you've ever produced? Both remix and original production?

CRNKN: I think this new song "The Grip" is my favorite thing I've worked on so far. I just started working on a new song though that I think is giving it a run for its money. I also really like the remix I did for Sam G

2. Q: Hey dude, love your music and your name because when I tell people to play CRNKN they think I'm having a seizure and it's great. Anyway, who are some of your biggest inspirations, musically and otherwise? and also when can we expect some dank merch?

CRNKN: hahahah thanks man. I'm hoping to do a small line of merch early in the new year! & My inspirations are pretty far ranging. Lately I've been super inspired by Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, Childish Gambino and in anticipation of the new Gorillaz album been going back through their catalog which has been pretty inspiring

3. Q: Thank you for finally releasing The Grip!! The first time I heard it was via the short snippet on your Too Future mix. I kept that part on repeat and it was borderline therapeutic since I was going through a breakup at the time -- many thanks!

My question is what inspired the lyrics and/or music video for The Grip?

CRNKN: Hey! So glad you're into it. Was really interested to see if you guys would like it. Really happy to hear that it helped you as well, I was hoping it would have that effect.

Sara wrote all of the lyrics, and I hesitate to speak for her about them but I think mainly it's just about any sort of internal struggle. We all go through them and it was just sort of a commentary about that. The video was sort of inspired by old Steven King movies, among other things!

4. Q: Your music is dope bro. Have any advice for those new to producing?

CRNKN: yo! definitely try and work towards your own sound. it's definitely easier said than done but it's crucial! make exactly what you want to make, rather than making what you think people might want to hear

5. Q: Booty 2 the Ground defined my golden age of trap. You kick ass and keep being yourself. As far as a q, what's your favorite venue in The US? The loudest?

CRNKN: Ahhhh that's so hard. I think the skyway theater in Minneapolis is up there for favorite, hard to pick just one though. As far as the loudest, I think maybe Beta in Denver?

6. Q: Crazy to see how far you've come in your music man, I remember seeing you two years ago and would love to see how your live show has progressed. You gonna tour anytime in the near future?

CRNKN: Thank you! really appreciate that. I'm, working on a new run of shows for the new year right now!

7. Q: It's been cool following your music for a few years and seeing all the different styles and genres you take on. A few questions for ya: 1) Do you have a personal favorite song that you've made? Or which was your favorite to create? 2) Who are some of your biggest influences? 3) If you could collaborate with anybody in the game right now, who would it be? 4) Lastly, Are there any weird or interesting samples you've been wanting to work into a song? P.S.- Thanks for Corridorz, The progression before the second drop builds so much energy and is perfect for mixing.

CRNKN: 1) Definitely this new song The Grip. Super proud of it as a song instead of a club tune. 2) Mannnn that's pretty hard. My musical inspirations are super eclectic. Justice, Slipknot, Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, Caribou, Kendrick, Kanye, Outkast, Depeche Mode just to name a few. 3) Definitely Flume. 4) I've been recording a lot of sounds at home to use as percussion, specifically though I'm not sure! Need to think more about that

8. Q: How do you get subs to sit in the mix huge while everything else in a drop still feel like they are full? Love u crnkn.

CRNKN: love u too! I pretty much mix my whole song around my low end, and I try and make sure that and the kick are sorted and work the drums from there!

9. Q: Your remix of Waiting So Long gives me chills man! Big fan of your music and of you as a human being. As far as questions go, what software would you recommend to a novice producer?

And many thanks for the AMA <3

CRNKN: Thank you!! & I recommend ableton, it has a steep learning curve but is well worth it! So many creative options

10. Huge fan, no questions, just wanted to thank you for making the amazing music that you do. I remember being a huge metahead (the stuck up edm isn't music type) back in 2012 and a friend showing me a couple of your remixes like the ones for Purity Ring - Obedear and Justice -DANCE that you did. Just like that I was hooked, they were so catchy. You pretty much single handedly made me give electronic music a chance. So thanks man! It's been great following you and watching your style continue to grow and evolve. Doesn't seem like there's a style you can't master. Loved your dub, trap, chiller stuff, etc its all amazing. And congrats, The Grip is seriously aces man! Look forward to all the future music!

CRNKN: My guy!! Thank you so much. It's always really meaningful to hear things like that, and it really validates the whole experience as a musician. Hope to meet you at a show sometime!

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