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Video Premiere: Thumpasaurus - I'm Too Funky

"I'm Too Funky" is already one of Justin Jay's secret weapons.

Punk-funk outlet Thumpsaurus has been cultivating their LA fanbase with a string of local shows, including a semi-residency at Silver Lake's Tenants of the Trees, where they've been previewing tracks from forthcoming debut album In The Beginning There Was Thump.

Today, Magnetic Magazine is proud to premiere the whimsical, Internet homage video behind Thumpasaurus's "I'm Too Funky", the second single from the album. Directed by Lucas Tamaren, also the band's primary guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, the "I'm Too Funky" video riffs on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg while making trippy jabs at our modern, corporate age.

"I"m Too Funky" has already become a secret weapon staple of Justin Jay's sets, getting club play alongside classic house cuts. ""It's honestly been surprising all of us, I think," recalls Henry Was, the band's drummer and producer. "The really cool thing about that track for me is that there's no sample, kick drum, or clap added in - though we like, *claps*, literally clapped - it's just straight live music, and it somehow, by finessing the production, stacks up to the tracks that Justin plays," 

I've seen this track dropped on small, intimate dance floors and midsize club floors, but the first time I saw it reach its zenith was at Lightning in a Bottle, where Justin Jay and Thumpasaurus performed the track live to the crowd's rapt approval.

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"Being 'I'm too funky' for this and this and this doesn't mean I'm above them, it just means that no constructs like an iPhone are going to bring me down," Tamaren says about the inspiration behind the song. "I'm going to live well and fulfilled, and use funk as a vehicle to really live out of my own anxieties and fears."

Catch our upcoming full interview with Thumpsaurus, where we delve deep into the nooks and crannies of their music, aesthetic, and mission.


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