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We all need a bit of a chill pill after the election and I think the #1 best way to come together is music. It binds us all together to one collective tribal drumbeat, like Matthew McConaughey in Wolf of Wall Street pounding his chest. It glues us to one communal dancefloor where no matter what shape you’re throw it’s accepted.

The #2 best way to come together is a meal. Sharing a meal of your culture with someone outside of your own, over good conversation and debate can melt away the icy blockades we so easily put up to those that don’t want to understand us. The polarity in our country and communities cannot continue to grow in this unhealthy, despising way. Our first test of this will be next week’s Thanksgiving feast sharing a meal with our wonderfully opinionated relatives. Put all cutlery away before diving into that.

The #3 best way to come together is the goof. Just be absurd because tis life as we already know. For instance,

Did you know that a peanut is not a nut nor a pea? That’s nuts, bro. But not really.

Did you know that Sia’s middle name is WouldntWantToBeYa? Mind, blown.

Did you know that bulls can’t see red? Every creature hates clowns though.

Did you know that more people died taking selfies than from shark attacks in 2015? Double tap.

Did you know that Chuck Norris was a character in all seven Star Wars movies? He was the force.

Did you know that millions of Rick Rolls has only earned Rick Astley $12? Jokes on you Richard.

We must be vigilant and love all our brothers and sisters in the days to come. We must not close off from one another, for wonderful people brilliantly round the corner on us if we put ourselves out there. 

As Saint Bill Murray once said, “I try and be available for life to happen to me.” Gunga Galunga.

Here we go...

“Saint Claude (Tourist Remix)”, Tourist

The sun will always rise, the birds will chirp, the french woman will sing, her queens will dance, and Tourist will always make incendiary jams. These things are absolutes and we need to take a deep breath when we open our eyes in the morning and remember this as we face tough days ahead. This music binds all of us to the dancefloor and one of my favorite artists of the last few years is looking to get us all out there celebrating life together. I’m feeling feelings I don’t know if I’ve felt and it feels good to feel these feels.

“Make You Mine” NVOY, Black Butter Records

Might as well countdown from five before hitting play because London duo NVOY is blasting us off to the wild yonder. They’ve played at Disclosure’s Wildlife and Jay-Z’s Made in America, recently toured with Gorgon City and these young gunners are harvesting some of the finest crop of chunes to hit the blog boards in a while. This is UK garage, melodic deep house and soulful. This is something that will melt your shoes to the dancefloor. This is something we need more of in electronic music. Brilliant, bravo.

“Running” Nyxen, Unknown Records

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It’s summertime in Sydney (equator 180) and Nyxen is making sure her aussie lads and ladies are ready to bring this party to a boil. This maiden of sunshine merrymaking rips this thing wide open with a filthy bassline and clean as coconut water guitar riff layered with her scatting vocals and percussion pieces that is giving me every reason to wear floral boardies through the stateside winter. That or forego buying everyone Christmas presents and buy a one way ticket to Byron Bay.

“Dark Light (feat. Shyam)” Jako Diaz, Spirit Soul Records

You just gotta snap and point to this disco house jammer from Jako Diaz and neo-soul singer Shyam. It’s a keeper for this holiday season to groove around the living room to after your eighth margarita with your aunts. Margaritas are this year’s eggnog because I think we all need a little paradise and sunshine in our lives right now. To go along with this exceptional original from Spirit Soul Records, Jako has a couple strong remixes in his arsenal, including Alicia Keys’ “In Common” and Ry X’s “Lean” that are worth checking out.

“Gamesofluck” Parcels, Kitsune

Is it Games of luck or game so fluck. I think it’s the latter. ANYWAYS, I was wondering what Kitsune was dishing out lately so I went on a little scavenger hunt from their Soundcloud all the way to Byron Bay where they’ve been hiding the five lion-haired disco dudes that is Parcel. After that first chorus I immediately thought NilesRodgersCutCopyJungle all mashed into one awesome live performance that I’m dying to see. Looks like they’re touring Aus for now but I have no doubt I will be enjoying their funk influenced synth pop sounds at a LA venue in 2017.

“Bad Decisions (Bee’s Knees Remix)” Two Door Cinema Club, Parlophone UK Records

With a synthy slate of official remixes already under their young belts, hometowners Bee’s Knees gives us their best yet with a slimmed down disco pop edit of one of this year’s best tracks. I’d dare say that I like this even more than the OG, it’s got that lush and lavish swagger that makes you wanna live a little. Los Angeles needs more disco flavored producers so I am pleased to have found a new duo finding their groove.

"Give In feat. Airling (Golden Vessel Remix)" Xavier Dunn, 1825 Records

Tis the season for some mellow music, Welcome to Chillvember. The glowing bell chime intro leads you to a snowglobe wonderland of dueting yearning lovers Xavier Dunn and Airling before dropping a sweet as apple pie percussive instrumentation and bassline that makes you just wanna make out. I love when producers include that affection effect.

“Warm (Saints of Victoria Edit)” SG Lewis

Newcomer Saints of Victoria brings that Boston tribal bassline to SG’s “Warm” that gives you that burnin yearnin for late night loving and tequila fueled dance parties. I like how he turned this mellow number into quite the sexy beast house track. Never underestimate getting lost in Soundcloud for a couple hours, you never know what or who you’ll discover. Keep em comin S-V.

“The Way That You Like (feat. Empress Of)” Pional, Counter Records

I love discovering artists I’ve never heard who’s top to bottom slate of songs I dig. Pional is one of these rare breeds and I thank fellow writer Kirk Williams for the recommendation. The spanish producer has been around for a minute, laying down fire tracks and touring with The xx and John Talabot before recently dropping ‘When Love Hurts’ EP in September. This track features sultry siren Empress Of and his horn-like synths and slow slinking beat give her a stage shrouded in celestial mysteries to sing from.

“Wonderful” Chris Malinchak, Relentless Records

Sounds a lot like “So Good To Me”, the track that Chris shot to fame with and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Snap along and get your booty boogying through the tranquil touches laid down under Martin Gaye’s vocals from “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby.” These are the songs to soundtrack your life to in a cheesey wonderful way.

Full Playlist HERE

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