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We talked to LA's Karman

Karman will also be hosting a party with D33J, CZ, and more at the Ace Hotel

LA-based Karman has been having a pretty great year, and he's winding down with a fantastic EP and a party at the Ace Hotel this Friday. 

To celebrate his accomplishments and in lieu of his upcoming party, we sat down with the talented artist to learn more. 

Congrats on the release of your new EP! What were the biggest challenges in releasing an EP versus dropping singles and one-offs on soundcloud? To go along with that, what were your original goals and did it shift over time? 

I just tried to emulate how my heart/brain were feeling at the moment I guess. Putting together a project though - you're emotions obviously change over time - so I think it can be hard to feel satisfied with something you did last week if you're feeling a totally different way then when you first composed it. So I had to take a step back tried to put myself instead of just current raw emotion into Heaven Complex, it feels as though that change over time was in a way a 'shift in goals'. The intent however, was/has/ and always will be to just create and share something that I feel is unique to myself, with the world; and me and my fans can bond over that.  

What are the biggest challenges artists face in today's age? 

Oversaturation of content. 

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You've got an incredibly unique sound and style, as well as overall aesthetic. Who are your inspirations in music and fashion? 

Thank you. When I was 11 or so, I first heard Aphex Twin's "Flim", and then I heard "Avril 14th". Both songs made me cry, they sometimes still do. I owe a lot of my musical passion and what I do to Aphex Twin, and to my uncle Jordan. As far as style inspiration goes, I've always just done me, certain outfits got me made fun of when I was in middle school and high school. I'm from LA, and growing up here means there's a chance you probably went through like 30 phases before you even hit 17... so yeah just experimenting/thrifting with friends. 

What can we expect from you at your Ace Hotel party? 

Love and cheer in a time of darkness and uncertainty. I think? I don't know, I haven't looked at the RSVPs. 

As we get into 2017, what can fans expect from you in the new year? 

I vow to those who support what I do and have been following my art since late 2013, I promise to give you more. My fans know what happened in 2015 and I think they understand why there may have been a lapse in music. But I'm here Forever. 

Thanks Karman! For more details on the Ace Hotel party, check out the hotel's page here

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