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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - November 4th, 2016

Camo & Krooked, June Miller, InsideInfo & Metrik (with his mates The Ragga Twins), lead the charge on a nefarious top 10 this week.
Together: Halloween

Together: Halloween

Drum and bass is an ever growing beast. It goes from strength to strength, and I reckon it's so important to celebrate the smaller guys getting up there on those big fat podiums. Shapeshifter's sign to Hospital Records is one thing - the new album, 'Stars' is officially out today guys. It's outrageously upbeat and happy and makes me think of home and sunshine. I cannot gush more. Liquicity have also launched their sister label, Galacy today - big round of kudos there. For a relatively new label to have an offshoot and a winter festival in the works already - props and more props. Speaking of, if you're around this weekend and fancy slinking on down to Liquicity's annual London show then definitely do it! Get involved and avoid being a victim of terrible FOMO.

The tunes from last time...

"Revolution" - InsideInfo ft. Miss Trouble [Viper Recordings]

2014's 'Metamorphosis' is unforgettable. The news that a follow up Miss Trouble track now exists, is music to my, literally.

"Gods" - June Miller [RAM Records]

June Miller were just letting us catch our breath following their team ups with the likes of Teddy Killerz and Maztek . No rest for the wicked though - suit up for another audio battering (of the best kind)!

"Dim Sum" - 1991 [MTA Records]

Who doesn't love a bit of dim sum! This generalisation extends to 1991's title tune from the new EP - incoming on the 9th of December. Top nosh.

"The Spirit Guide" - Deuce & Charger [In Charge Recordings]

Proper fire from Deuce & Charger - once again! Going from strength to strength and speaking of, we have a treat in store for you next week....I spy with my little eye something beginning with P.... keep your porcupines and pickles - it's premiere. Magnetic's got their next one for you stashed away in the wings (smug). Now you know.

"Worldwide" - Metrik ft. Ragga Twins [Hospital Records]

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Channeling the Chase & Status vibes this one - that Ragga Twins vocal is like upsizing your Big Mac meal. Just a really good idea.

"Ember" - Camo & Krooked [RAM Records/
Mosaik Musik]

Ember has ignited a spark (sorry) amongst the industry with the news that their new LP is being released conjointly between RAM Records and their own label, Mosaik Musik. This is the first track and early next year is the date for the rest of it guys!

"Betamax" - Total Science & Break [Symmetry Recordings]

Proper making you work for it this one - really chilled out until around a minute deep. Then it's all on. 

 "Sketch For My Sweetheart" - LSB [Soul:r]

Another debut! LSB's officially donkey kicked his very first LP 'Content' out of the barn door today - big up!

"Monsters" - Benny L & Shimon [AudioPorn]

Monsters. AudioPorn. There's nothing here that would cause me not to choose it for the chart today. Sucked in by the keywords and sticking around for the good tune.

"Weigh Me Down" - Breaknoise (ft. Holly Drummond) [Liquicity]

Leaving things on a lighter note with a tune from the Alchemy 2 compilation. Londoner's, you'll need this to carry you through to the Liquicity gig on Saturday. Going to be a luxuriously laid back belter of a time!

Why not binge it!!

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