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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - November 18th, 2016

Camo & Krooked, Nymfo & Riya, Becky Hill & Danny Byrd - all about the drum and bass tag team heat this week!

Liquicity @ Electric Brixton

Liquicity @ Electric Brixton

I'm bloody cold, my office is bloody cold, England's bloody cold - but the drum and bass continues to run hot! At least you can count on something in life. I almost published this with bass spelt as ass. That would have spiced things up a bit! Squirm around in the below selection of DEEP heat.

Or simply tickle your auditory pleasure zones with last time's chart...

"They Told Me" - Urbandawn feat. Thomas Oliver [Hospital Records]

Top marks for this beautiful number. The debut album, ‘Gothenburg Cluster’ is well worth checking out in full. Well played UD, well played.

"If I Could" - Camo & Krooked ft. Joe Killington [RAM Records]

Camo & Krooked are my absolute favourite duo. Their sheer skill with a mix is equalled only by the likes of Fred V & Grafix… this and Ember, sit in that upper echelon of drum and bass. Yeah echelon, deal with it.

"Something Tells Me" - Nymfo & Riya [CIA Records]

Riya, DnBArena’s Best Vocalist of 2015 is fresh here in a switched up roller of a collab with dutch D&Ber, Nymfo.

"We Do Our Thing" - Prolix [Shogun Audio]

You certainly do it well Prolix!

"Warm (Danny Byrd Remix) - Becky Hill [EKO Records] 

Becky Hill has on boarded legend Danny Byrd, and added some beast mode punch to her already tidy tune. 

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"I Love You" - Neve [The Dreamers]

The Dreamers have been nominated for Best Newcomer Label in the Drum & Bass Arena Awards this year, but they've been around for a bit longer than that and adding many choice additions to their crew along the way. Watch out for this lot!

"Nomad" - Bad Company [RAM Records]

The bad lads from Bad Company keep on sweating their comeback - this time, in the form of their first full original single since the RAMdamily got involved.

"Shutdown" - Drumsound & Bassline Smith [Technique Recordings]

Friction premiered with the 'taking things in an aggier direction' as a ruling stamp of approval. We concur.

“Eternal” - Shapeshifter NZ [Hospital Records]

Gorgeous. I'm biased which is why I'm putting it lower on the page (to maintain a smug sense of impartiality) - but gorgeous.

"Subway" - Rawtekk [MethLab Recordings]

A lot of next generation stuff coming out of MethLab of recent - this track below is one of the easier tunes to get your head around but they are definitely creating a ripple in the dark waters. 

 Come one, come all!

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