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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - November 26th, 2016

New EPs from Flume and Slander, yes, but don't miss these other cuts from Baauer, ATLiens, Diplo and ETC!ETC!, Styles&Complete and more too.


Finally, the long holiday weekend. I’ve been running around like crazy lately, getting very little sleep, and working like I’ve never worked before. That said, I just bought a 2-year season pass to a secret ski spot of mine way out in the middle of nowhere, so I’m all jacked up on anticipation... yet still completely exhausted.

Of course, if you don’t live in America, don’t work, and don’t ski or snowboard, likely nothing I’ve said interests you. That’s ok though. We’ll always have Trap. And speaking of that, lots of great tunage the past couple weeks. Not really sure where to begin other than the obvious. Flume has a new EP which landed this past week, and last week Slander finally dropped their long overdue EP Duality. This is just me teasing the big names though as every song on this week’s chart is plenty to keep you going… wherever you are… doing whatever it is that you do. [Cracks beer] Ok let’s get to it before I pass out. 

Full playlist at bottom. 

"Heater" - Flume

Not exactly trap but I want to make sure this is on your radar. The entire EP is more RJD2 than I expected it to be, but I'm always a fan of artists diversifying their sound. Not that this is way out there by any means, it's just slightly different which is I welcome with open arms. 

"Sout London (Demo)" - Baauer

When you have tracks like this that don’t make your album so you just casually release them, but only after hating on one of your own songs that happens to be one of the most popular of all time… you are Baauer. I can’t keep him off this chart, and yet, I highly doubt he really cares. 

"Freaknik (ATLiens Remix)" - Buku

I was a little sad to hear the Industrial experiment that was the original come to an end, but that feeling was gone by time I heard the Cypress Hill sample. Plus, it’s still a pretty different tune.

"Love Again" ft. WAVZ - Slander (Mad Decent)

I know this track has been out for a year now, but in honor of the EP finally landing, it seems only fitting to bring it back. Some good remixes on the EP from NGHTMRE, SAYMYNAME and YOOKIE, but I gotta keep it here for now. I mean, can this still be the trap track of the year? May have to bend the rules…

"Elastic Heart (Diplo & ETC!ETC! VIP)" - Sia

The juxtaposition on this is just killing me. It’s not totally out of character for Diplo to throw gorgeous heartfelt vocals into a blender on the slowest possible setting until the motor starts to smoke, but there’s still something incredible here. To be honest, I'm actually pretty floored. This is stunning.  

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"All We Know (Styles&Complete Remix)" ft. Duncan Davis - The Chainsmokers

Heavy dose of Style&Complete adds some much needed bite to the original. The nice thing about remixes like this is that you can throw them on in virtually any situation with anyone in the room. 

"Born Again (Castor Troy Remix)" - KAYZO (Doghouse Recordings)

For me, this one tops the most popular remix of the EP from KANDY. This is to say nothing of the Hoodlit and dialedIN remix which is also spectacular, but Castor Troy just does something so different here, and adds so much soul, I’m not sure what could top it. 

"Endless Voyage" - Gillepsy (Good Enuff)

The song where you get to pretend you’re in Tron, but not actually go full Daft Punk. This is the one “pure” trap track from the Russian’s EP, where the production swings between trap, 1983 and breaks. One of my favorite tunes of any genre right now. 

"Drama!" - Yung Frankenstein

Love the twists and turns in this. You think it’s going synth-pop, then full on banger, and then it hits you with something totally different. A true melting pot of genre influences. 

"Vyzee (foxsky's DISTORT UR LIFE Bootleg)" - Sophie

Trap track of the month I could have sworn I had this in a previous chart, but I can’t find it anywhere and you need to hear it right now. This is a masterpiece of a remix that sounds nothing like the original. Hit play only if you’re ready to rock. This is insane. 

Full Playlist:

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