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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - November 4th, 2016

Hear the new RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex collab, along with new Jackal, Quix, Conrank, Space Race and more.

It's a treat in-and-of itself when RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex collab on a new tune. But if I can get some "pain or pleasure at my leisure" while I'm at it? Man, I really don't really know what else to say.

Their new tune "Waiting" fell from the heavens this week, and along with it came a music video, website and a phone number. Click on the left of the website to reveal some pictorial nudity and the like. Then you can dial the number for-- well, I'll let you take it from there. Allow me to provide the hold music. 

Full playlist at the bottom:

"Mic Check" - Conrank (Sleeveless Records)

An entire EP devoted to Halloween and he had to release it after last week's Halloween Trap Chart. I'm fuming over here. Check out the whole EP, Friday Poltergeist, if you haven't already

"Devious" - Big City

Not a well known duo, Big City, but this new tune is super crispy. One for the weekend. 

"Waiting" - RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex

Just dial the number. Do it now. 855-464-7348.

"Bread" ft. Grim Sickers - RTLF

That's one way to store your bread knife. RTLF is breaking new ground in the bread game but with this hybrid music too. Apparently he just stumbled on this acappella and... voilà! TUNE. 


Another too-late-for-the-Halloween-chart number. Quix continues to put out big tracks week after week and stomps in on an elephant with "The Cut." Might have fashion a name plate here soon. 

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"Triggered" - Space Race and Faytal

I wish they would've done a little more with vocals, because the vocal chops are second to none, but nevertheless, "Triggered" is one of the best hybrid tracks I've heard in a while. 

"Dizzy" ft. Denny White - Jackal

Trap Tune of the Week This is pretty much Grammy-status until about the 1-minute mark, at which point it promptly decides it doesn't need that fucking bullshit and drops straight into my top trap tracks of the year list -- a much better place to be. Edges "the trio" for tune of the week. 

 "Tell Me Why" - Wizard and Matbow

Sick sample and "Stranger" synths? This is why. 

"Kill Me" prod. by King Yosef and Fifty Grand- XXXTENTACION 

Slow mo at it's toughest. Absolutely haunting track. XXXTENTACION has a whole heap of atmosphere-rich hip hop if you aren't privy. 

"Home" - CMRN

Sometimes even trap charts need good old fashioned hug. Powerful stuff. Thanks, CMRN!

Full Playlist:

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