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What Are The Best Options For "True Wireless" Ear Buds This Holiday Season?

We take a look at some of the most hyped up truly wireless buds that are about to hit the market

We wrote about the Kanoa wireless earbuds back in January when they were just wrapping up their first wave of crowdfunding. The headphones seem to have just about everything you would want, especially if you are an athlete and using them during workouts, etc. 

Unfortunately, the team at Kanoa have had some set backs, but it seems that they are 100% dedicated to making sure the product is perfect. These are unfortunately not shipping until Spring 2017, so if you are in a rush, you probably will be able to find something similar before that. We will be reviewing these units as soon as they hit our mailbox!

The Kanoa's are going for $199 preorder and will $300 full retail once they hit the market. 

Some Highlights:

  • Performance Tracking – HeartRate, Calories, Distance, Time - This is a great feature not found in all models.
  • Custom Audio Tuner / Equalizer 
  • Intuitive Universal Music Player
  • Audio Transparency - let's you control how much of the outside world you can hear, very important when cycling, snowboarding, running outside, etc.
  • Quick One-time Sync-up 
  • Earphone Control and Info
  • Motivating Playlists from the Pros
  • Various Social/Sharing Features
  • Available on iOS first and Android after shipping

Check out Kanoa Here

Next up is the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless buds which will supposedly available in November, yet not many companies have hit their target dates. Not even Apple is delivering their air pods on time. 

One of the great features about the Jabra Elite Sports is that they are truly a fitness companion headphone. With a fitness app and two key sensors for heart rate and motion monitoring, the Jabra looks like the best bet if you are really serious about your workouts and fitness metrics. There is even a workout coach built into the app; that's pretty dope. 

Of course, it comes down to fit, comfort and sound first but Jabra seems to have an excellent product on its hands. We've tested their other wireless headphones and speakers and have been very pleased with the quality. So this one looks like a real contender in the "truly wireless" category. 

Some Highlights:

• True Wireless Smart earbuds

• Light weight

• Water proof up to 1 meter

·• Jabra Sport Life for Apple iOS and Android

• Talk/Music time (with or without tracking): Up to 3 hours continuous play time

• Charging Case provides additional 2 full charges of up to 6 hours

• Bespoke bass enriched speakers with 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range

• Passive noise cancelation

• HearThrough providing external ambient noise into earbuds for awareness

• Time, Speed, Distance, Pace, Steps, Cadence, Calories, Heart Rate, Heart Rate zone, VO2 Max estimation, Repetitions*, Real Time audio coaching

• Waterproof rated to IP67 

• 3 year extended warranty against sweat damage (requires registration through the Jabra Sport Life app)

Check out Jabra Elite Sport Here

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Here One

Here One

The Here One by Doppler Labs is also looking to be a strong player in the true wireless category. We already got the chance to test their first product which was simply called Here. The first iteration of the bud was kind of a strange one, but a very cool kind of strange. The buds are simply a wireless filter that can EQ your hearing in real time. The Here can also filter out noise with noise cancellation technology and white noise, and it does this very well. 

The idea with the original Here was to allow people to pop them in to change the way their environment sounds. Whether it's a concert that is too bass heavy or a train that is too noisy, Here creates an incredible filtering system for ears in real time. It's kind of like feeling super human, or maybe like an android, hmmm. I use these ear buds all the time when I'm traveling and at shows to dial in the sound just right. 

The Here was a totally impractical purchase for most consumers if I'm being honest and as much as I love mine I'm not sure I would fork over that much dough for a cool filter that doesn't stream music. 

Doppler Labs heard the consumers loud and clear and very quickly announced Here One, the perfect mix of sound and filter all in one true wireless package. 

The Here One's big selling point is most likely their technology, they are slightly ahead of the curve much like DJI is the drone world, and I think this will yield a fantastic product. 

The buds do not have a lot of the bells and whistles that the other more sporty models have, but I guess they will make up for that in quality. 

The Here One is a bud for a more discerning consumer and music fan who want's absolute control of their music and the way they hear it. 

At $299 these are coming in a little on the high side, but I'm guessing you are getting what you are paying for based on what I've already experienced with the first version. 

Some Highlights:

• Complete control of your audio and environment. You can use these at concerts to control the sound or to block out noise at the office.

• Voice command recognition for Siri, etc.

• Proven track record with their first product that works in a very similar manner

More on Here One - Here 

SOL REPUBLIC has just dropped the Amps Air which has some nice features and comes in at lower price point than their competitors at around $180. We've always found SOL REPUBLIC's products to deliver high-quality sound and build for the price point and it looks like the Amps Air are going to be on par with their previous products. 

Having been recently acquired by HoMedics, the brand has a new slickness about it that looks promising. 

The buds are stylish looking, come in great colors and have a unique design that channels away moisture and sweat. 

Some Highlights:

• Google Assist / Siri Integration

• Battery case acts as a phone charger 

• Unique design that appears to keep them in place and comfortable

• Answer calls and control music

More on the SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air Here

NOTE: We hope to have review units shortly and will thoroughly test before making any final recommendations on which units are the best for your hard earned cash. These are simply or favorite options that we have discovered thus far in the "true wireless" headphones category. 

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