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10 iEDM Hoodies To Gift Your Significant Other This Holiday Season

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Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over your days are numbered until the holidays hit like a bad case of the FOMOs. Yeah, I said it. FOMOs.

Our friends at iEDM have come to the rescue with 10 dope rave hoodies (pullover / zip up / unisex) that you can gift your significant other this holiday season. Plus these will be perfect for your new years eve banger or chill out sesh. 

Here we go. Happy Holidays y'all. (Remember these all unisex)

This one is definitely for the complicated person in your life, it's kind of like looking into your future or present or even past. Hell it's a modern day road map to Dickens' A Christmas Carol, those ghosts of Christmas are lurking in there somewhere. We like it, it's as statement. 

This is one of our favorites in the collection, it says I like to look up and I like to camp and I really really really like Pretty Lights and other bands from Colorado. Plus you will look stellar standing next to the holiday lights wearing this bad boy. 

Do you like transformational festivals? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend? Then yeah, this is what Charlie Sheen would call #winning. See you at Lighting In A Bottle. 

She is philosophical, she is deep, she likes deep house. This one is totally amazing for her or him, remember it's all unisex baby. What's beyond that wall, you can chat about it while Dillon Francis does his comedy routine, errr DJ set. 

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If your Christmas sweater had a baby with Netflix, you would just CHILL. This is our favorite, it just wins across the board. Do a really funny one and get it for your parents too. Yeah, they won't get it but you will, that's what matters. 

She will look very delicious in this, just get it... maybe get yourself one too dude because you know you LOVE pancakes... with syrup!

There is really nothing cuter than a girl wearing an outer space pussy cat. It's beyond adorable, check your pants because Houston we have a problem. 

She loves EDC. Done. You can relax now. 

He can sometimes be out there, really out there. So this will say it all with out saying it. Here baby, your a little "out there" but I still love you. I'll just look at this amazing hoodie while you pontificate about transformational stuff. 

Pretty In Pink, pfffffft. How about Pretty In Pastel, this is the next level. Don't be a Duckie get your girl this beauty and you will be Steff McKee. BOOM. 

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