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Baby Bash and Paul Wall Got Arrested This Weekend So Shlohmo Made a Remix

"You got me lifted, shifted, higher than the ceiling...."

Baby Bash and Paul Wall were arrested this weekend marijuana at a party consisting of 150 people at a smoke shop this weekend, and the internet quickly blew up over the story. While they are set to face a judge today, one producer (Shlohmo) has decided to drop a remix dedicated to the magic Baby Bash created during the early 2000's with his spin on "Suga Suga." 

On the arrest, Baby Bash noted- 

“It’s 150 people there, some people have wax, which is THC concentrate, it’s no drug. They try to make it sound like a drug raid, but they are doing their job and we shouldn’t have did it. We did it at a public place and you know this ain’t California y’all. It was a party and of course we do hip hop and part of the culture is marijuana.”

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Listen to the remix below. 

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