Be Seen and Unseen! Reflectacles are the Sunglasses of the Future

Currently raising funding via Kickstarter.
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Privacy in the modern age can be fickle. With surveillance camera's blanketed over the street and invasive codes embedded in our technology, there's becoming an increased need for regular civilians to think about their privacy in their day to day life. 

One custom-spectacles-craftsman named Scott Urban is doing just that with a new pair of sunglasses called the Reflectacles, which simultaneously block cameras from identifying faces while reflecting if a person is walking in the dark

Using the most retro-reflective material in existence, Reflectacles Ghost reflect both visible-light and infrared-light. Cameras using infrared technology (which most surveillance and body cameras do) will not be able to capture your facial features (good-bye facial recognition). At the same time, Reflectacles Ghost also reflects visible-light making you seen on the road, although this is only available in their silver design. 

Take a look at the video in action above, and check out some example photography below. More information about the Kickstarter project here

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