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CannaSmack Respond to DEA's stance on HEMP & CBD Products

CannaSmack was founded with a pursuit to alternative medicine.

The new statement by the DEA has sent the emerging Marijuana Industry and all of its facets into a disarray. Many that understand the intricacies of the law are doing their best to make statements before misinformation takes control of this DEA announcement. 

CannaSmack is a woman-owned and purpose-driven business that deosn't currently use CBD oils in their products. We also featured them in a recent last-minute cannabis-based guide we created and trust their business. 

Despite this, they have seen their company, and many other companies just like them, take a drastic hit from this announcement. Suzanne Hoggan, the founder of the company, sought alternative medicine after losing her brother to prescription addiction. Hoggan's dedication to finding a better method of care has been hindered by the recent events of the DEA. 

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Because they understand how much information out there can be wrong, they have come out and released a statement to explain what this new DEA ruling means for businesses like theirs. 

Statement by CannaSmack Creative Director/Marketing Manager Kenia Taylor about Hemp & CBD Regulations

"Cannasmack is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of hemp, an industrialized form of the Cannabis sativa species of cannabis. Our hemp-based products, and others like them, are legal in all 50 states and we believe in the importance of educating consumers on the numerous and outstanding benefits of using hemp both as a wellness enhancing nutritive and a source of sustainable and eco-conscious agriculture. Hemp activism has a history hundreds of years old in the United States; it was farmed and utilized by our indigenous people plus the founding fathers and their families. History of hemp cultivation around the world dates back many thousands of years. 

Over the past 20 years, voters in over 28 U.S. states have now cast their ballots in support of either medical marijuana or recreational cannabis legalization; it is becoming widely known that the overreaching criminalization of this plant is both unpopular and misguided--and Cannasmack is fully dedicated to the normalization of this plant and all it has to offer. We will serve as an advocate for all people who can benefit from hemp, hemp products, and the safe and therapeutic use of cannabis, so people can continue to benefit from the products that help them heal and feel safe, happy and healthy. 

More information about this new DEA regulation can be read here, by the Hoban Law Group, and information about CannaSmack can be found here

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