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New Zealand drum and bass boys, Pat and Stu, have released a colony of dark tunes over the past ten years. Harbouring relationship's with Blackout Music NL and Eatbrain labels, they have collaborated frequently with neuro demons such as Black Sun Empire and Mindscape, and can lay claim to a Drum&BassArena awarded 'Album of the Year' in 2014's, 'Eat The Rich'.

Last week, latest track "Caterpillar" with Black Sun Empire and vocalist, Virus Syndicate, oozed its way out of their camp and into our ear canals - a testament to the furiosity of beats that rumble on inside the duo's studio space. Baited by tracks like this, we can all impatiently agree that we'd love to see a new album crawl over the subwoofer in the near future and luckily, sounds like us demanding bastards won't have long to wait!

Magnetic were pumped to hear there's plenty more in the pipeline for these two - we got the skinny below...

Thanks for taking the time here, firstly, hot damn - Caterpillar!
It’s SO GOOD. Violent!! Jayzuss!! I am typing as I listen to it so these are real time reactions. Enough about me though, does it do what you wanted it to as a tune?

For sure! The intro was always intentionally written with enough space for vocalists, and Virus Syndicate nailed that vocal vibe for the track completely. The drop definitely has the right reaction when we play it out, so we’re all pretty happy with the track!

Your last album, "Eat The Rich", came out on Blackout in 2014 - oddball vaguely related question - why should we 'Eat The Rich'?

The album title was actually taken from the idea that “One day the poor will have nothing left but to eat the rich”. It was more a comment on the top 1% owning half of the world's wealth and where does that greed end/stop. It was always our hope, that maybe humanity might take a look at itself before we ever got to the stage of having to eat each other.

What new doors did that Blackout move open up for you? Did that have any impact on your sound?

I think our sound had been moving progressively more tech during the years preceding it’s release, so it kinda felt like the right fit us joining Blackout. When we presented ‘Eat the Rich’ to BSE, they loved it and asked for very little changes to the tracks or track list. The success of the LP opened up a very busy touring schedule for us over the next few years and it has been an absolute blast!

New Zealand is still home for you guys - which of our fine cities kicks off at a gig the best?

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Yep we both still live in Auckland. Every city has its moments but on the whole Christchurch is the one. Although having said that, lately Queenstown/Wanaka area has been going gangbusters...

Last year in an interview with Drum&BassArena you mentioned the D&B scene is lagging in NZ - any pickup on that recently? You guys seem to be doing a lot of touring?

Its come up a little. There are a few new venues around and that helps. Dunedin is still pretty shit but hey you cant win all the time right? We have been doing a fair amount of touring of course. It never really stops to be honest...

How often are you doing the international rounds - what’s the dream venue? 

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time away the last few years (almost 6 months at home/ 6 months on the road between us). We’ve been lucky enough to play amazing venues all around the world! I think the one festival we’d both still like to tick off the list would be Glastonbury.

Wind back - ‘Sunking’ was my first taste of DnB and the video clip sticks strongly - an ex-boyfriend told me it was about being on an acid trip. Was he wrong or right? Let’s clear this up once and for all.

The video....Honestly we have no idea what it's about either. The director is like a mad genius. He told us this epic story at the time when he made it, but 'i've long since forgotten. We made that on a shoestring budget so we just let him do as he liked. He did virtually everything by himself to be honest. Since then he's done other videos for us including 'Black Raven' with Sacha Vee. That's a pretty awesome video...

Looks like you’ve both been slaving away in the studio of recent - what can we look forward to from team State of Mind in the coming months? Please give us info to splash around carelessly!

There are big plans for 2017. There will be a EP on Eatbrain records and a large EP on Blackout. We have some remixes done and we have a plan to do a collaborative EP with another NZ artist we've worked with a few times before... So yeah lots of new material in 2017. Then a new album in 2018.

Stu, can you please finish this sentence - Patrick Hawkins is the best at...
making grimey bass sounds and cups of tea.

Pat, can you please finish this sentence - In the studio, Stu hates it when I... keep trying to add the chord progression from the Macarena.

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