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Canada's very own Eekkoo consistently and intricately pulls together some remarkable compositions of techno and tech house. He has an uncompromising aesthetic that very clearly demonstrates a commitment to his craft that is in an echelon all his own.

With all this being laid out on the table, it's no surprise that a master by the name of Jeremy Olander would tap Eekkoo for the first invitation of another artist for a release on Olander's very own label Vivrant. Eekkoo has pulled together an enrapturing and highly cinematic 3 track release by the name of the 'Nightingale' EP which will embrace you so deeply with its atmosphere, you might feel it in your lungs. 

To give you a bit of an insight into the mind of Eekkoo by way of the songs he's loving at the moment, Eekkoo has pulled together a guest chart to support his 'Nightingale' EP. So, listen to the selections, and glimpse a few of the words from Eekkoo himself. 

"Stranger Things Theme" Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Like pretty much any other music producer, this opening theme charmed me immediately. 

"Phalanx" Recondite

This guy is a genius. Minimalism meets complexity. This is incredible.

"K377 Unfriended" dubspeeka

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This is powerful. This is retro. This is modern. That is techno.

"Rooms" Sasha

He’s a legend. The whole album is delicacy.

"Time Flies" Adam Beyer

You can’t go wrong with anything this guy has been putting out. From his own originals to the stuff he releases via his labels.

Be sure to check out the full release!

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