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Ever wonder what a life of a DJ is like? Barbuto gives us the answer!

Plus a premiere of his track "Aperture!"

Techno titan Barbuto has been steadily building his name over the years as one of the underground's most refreshing DJ/producers in the game. He's currently gearing up for a massive EP release called Aperture, that's coming out on December 23rd, and when we heard we had a chance to interview him, we started thinking, what could a day of his life possibly be like? Indulging us on our interests, he took a day out of his time to show us the life of a working, touring DJ to learn more!

He also graciously gave us a chance to give our readers a sneak peek at his upcoming EP, Aperture, with a premiere of the title track. Booming bass and powerful drum rhythm come together to be a yet another tour de force track for the Texas-based artist. 

Read more about his day below! 

This is a typical Friday for me in Austin, Texas from around 12:00PM until noon the next day:

Pic 1_Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.jpg

Wake up and smell the coffee (around noon)

After escaping city life to live in the country in my 36 ft multi pop out 5th wheel RV, I really enjoy waking up (admittedly my mornings are most people's afternoons) and having a cup of coffee outside and going over emails and all the social media stuff. Nothing beats being surrounded by nature!

pic 2_ Studio Time_.jpg

Studio time every day

Next on the schedule is 4 to 6 hours at the studio desk. I try to work on something every day even if it’s just a simple drum loop. I will either start a new project, continue with something current or revisit a forgotten project from a long time ago. Going back to old projects and working on mixing is great for bringing out sounds and frequencies that were missed in the initial creation.

pic 3 Texas bbq lunch.jpg

Lunch Time!

Nothing beats an outdoor grill and a beer. I take my diet seriously and typically eat vegetarian. I supplement also with green shakes and usually have 2 or 3 kale and orange juices per week. Keeping energy high and sickness away is vital when traveling and getting by with little sleep on the weekends.

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pic 4 Outdoor Activity.jpg
pic 5 Outdoors #2jpg.jpg

Outdoor activity around 5:00PM

When it’s dry out and the weather is warm, I try to do something outside. Living in the Texas Hill Country, I am surrounded by nature trails so whether by foot or horse I like to be outside as much as possible!

Pic 6 _ Gym.jpg


I recently started working out in the gym again after over 5 years off. I have to say it really helps my focus and my body needs it after a cycling career when I was younger, with a lot of lingering injuries. Plus I love the cardio theatre at Golds. I just watched X Men while on the treadmill - hehe

pic 7 Reisdent Night _Kingdomjpg.jpg

Resident night at Kingdom Night Club, Austin 10:00PM-5:00AM

I am very fortunate to play at Kingdom several nights per year. On this night I played with DJ Remmington who owns Kingdom and is a great techno DJ. We played 1's back to back from 10:00PM-5:00AM!

pic 8. Flight_jpg.jpg

Outa here (noon the next day)

A quick nap and I'm off to play tonight on the East Coast!

Thanks Barbuto! 

For more info on Barbuto, check out his Facebook here

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