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Facebook is Tightening the Ropes on Unlicensed Music

2017 is a year with many changes. Facebook might be one of them.

According to a report on The Financial Times, Facebook is developing a copyright identification system similar to Youtube's looking to find videos with unlicensed music. 

Fan-made cover versions of copyrighted music have been specifically highlighted as targets in the new identification system. 

The Op-Ed notes- 

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“In a recent snapshot search of 33 of today’s top songs, [the National Music Publisher’s Association] identified 887 videos using those songs with over 619 million views, which amounts to an average of nearly 700,000 views per video,” In reality, the scope of the problem is likely much greater because, due to privacy settings on Facebook, it’s almost impossible to gauge the true scale.”

An insider source also notes that Facebook does not "want to be on the wrong end of an artist fight.”

Billboard, who have also written a full-length article, further states that "Facebook is also in talks with major labels to start licensing content and paying rights holders." 

More information will be sure to unfold as Facebook further develops their new technology. One thing is for sure, the world of content creation is getting a crackdown from one of the biggest social media platforms and will shape a large part of 2017's marketing and creative . 

For those that are interested in the full article, read here

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