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Traveling can suck, really suck. Long hours on planes, trains, ubers, taxis and hotel rooms can take their toll. Here are some great picks for the person who is always on the road. 

From headphones to luggage, these are some of our favorite things to help make the stress of travel a little less stressful. 

Headphones are clutch when you are trying to tune out screaming babies, jet engines and chatty neighbors. The Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless headphone is a game changer. It's insanely comfortable, blocks out the noise like a champ and has stellar sound. We have tried a lot of headphones in our day but very few have delivered on so many levels for the constant traveler. You have the option of going wireless which is an additional bonus if you don't wan't to hassle with wires on the run, but just in case you do run out of juice it still works quite well as a wired unit. 

What's especially fantastic (aside form the noise canceling) is the battery life on these cans, it lasts for an incredibly long time. We charged them up and used them on two separate plane trips and they still have juice left in them, supposedly they can deliver up to 30 hours before they quit on you and we will vouch for that. Nothing but wow here! -  MSRP ($399)

For those travelers looking to go a little lighter there is the Moshi Mythro Wireless Headphones. They are incredibly light, comfortable and sound quite solid for a wireless bud at this price point, they almost sound too good. What gives Moshi, what's the secret?

Our favorite thing about the Mythro Wireless is the fact that there is a Moshi app that lets you pair up with a second set of headphones and listen from one device. So if you and your significant other are headed out on a romantic vacay you can both listen to James Blake at the same time as you wait to board the plane. I sure hope you are "Group 1" and even if you aren't, you probably won't care with these on. MSRP - ($69.95)

moshi iphone 6 case and charger

Moshi iphone 6 case and charger

So this is maybe a little dated at this point but many people are still rocking an iPhone 6 and the Moshi iGlaze ion case + battery system (MSRP $99.95) is one of our absolute faves. We like it so much that we haven't upgraded to an iPhone 7 yet. The case is slick and slides easily into the extra battery unit to give you another full days charge when you are battling it out on the road. If that's not enough power you can carry the Moshi Ion Bank 5K (MSRP $79.95) a slick little battery that comes with a USB / Lighting cable built in and tucked away. 

We have road tested both of these units extensively and they are absolutely essential for long journeys where having no juice is not an option.

Moshi Rewind 2

Moshi Rewind 2

Another piece of charging kit from Moshi that can come in handy is the Rewind 2 (MSRP $29.99), a charger that can take two devices at a time and charge them a little faster than usual with its 2.4 amp fast charging ports. 

Last but not least, if you are traveling to somewhere a little colder like Chicago, New York, Denver, etc. and still need to access your phone, have no fear. The Moshi Digits (MSRP $29.95) are here to keep your fingers warm while you surf away on your iPhone. Special pads in the gloves finger tips allow you to stay connected even in the coldest of temperatures.


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One of the lamest things about frequent air travel is the removal of one's shoes. Converse has got you covered with their slick new versions of the classic One Star. The One Star '74 Tech Low is perfect for the stylish traveler that can't be bothered with laces. This is the sneaker of the future. 

If your special someone (or yourself) has graduated to an iPhone 7 / 7+ then the Vault iPhone (MSRP $14.99) case with room for 3 cards + cash is a good bet. The case doubles as a wallet for those nights out when you just want to roll with your phone, a great feature for women who are traveling with small purses. 

The case also doesn't create too much bulk considering that it has the kangaroo style pouch for your cards/cash. The pocket is also great for carrying a back up ID and credit cards while you are traveling, because you can never be too careful. 

Vape Bright

Vape Bright CBD Cartridge and Pen to ease your stress levels

Traveling can literally destroy your body with stress making things that much harder. If you have been following the CBD revolution (yes, this is fully legal in all 50 states because this version is taken from hemp) then you know that this cannabinoid has made a huge impact on people suffering from seizures, inflammation, stress and other ailments. 

We just did a deep dive at the Marijuana Trade Show and Expo in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and learned all about the amazing powers of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Total Body Care Capsules

Our friends at Vape Bright and BioCBD sent us some of their products to road test, and road test them we did. After a grueling week at Art Basel covering the numerous events and art shows all whilst carrying heavy camera gear, we needed a solution. 

The most effective for our pain and overall all stamina was the Total Body Care capsules and Muscle and Joint Relief Oil. The Vape Bright was great for chilling out and relieving stress, it actually was a great sleep aid.

Muscle and Joint Relief Oil

Although on the pricey side, these products are great for the constant business traveler that needs physical relief across the board. Whether it's stress, sore muscles or digestive ease, these products all worked really well. 

Please Note: This is NOT a Cannabis product and will not create any "high." These products are derived from hemp oil and focus on wellness. . 

So if your loved ones are hitting the road hard or feeling stressed, anxious, sore, etc. These products are the perfect holiday gift. 

Last but not least is one of the most important things for the hard core road warrior, great carry-on luggage. The G-RO is just about come to market and promises to be a game changer. Its revolutionary design fits with ease into overhead bins, meets international carry-on standards, has an optional battery pack and ample room for your clothing and essential gear. 

The price tag is a bit steep (MSRP $549) but nothing else at this price point event comes close. The optional battery back will charge your computer, tablet or laptop and the tracker will help locate the bag if it's lost. 

The first units are shipping in the next 3-4 weeks and should be more available early next year. Reserve yours now for that special traveler in your life, they will never forget this one. 

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