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Interview: BEC is a name to know

Her latest EP, After the Storm, is out now via Beatport.

BEC has been having a big year and shows no signs of slowing down as we head to the end of the year. She's just dropped her latest EP with Second State, and with that in mind, we sat down with her to learn more!

The project, After the Storm, is out now via Beatport

Hi BEC, thanks for talking to us! We're excited about your second EP. What prompted you to work with Second State imprint for the second time?

Thank you for having me! Second State is home for me. Pan-Pot and all the label crew have been my main influencers since the beginning. It felt natural for me to turn to them to put out my second release. They will remain to be my primary base for music, but I do definitely plan to spread my wings and put out my music elsewhere!

Along with that, for people who haven't yet had the chance to listen to the EP, what would you want listeners to know going in?

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It includes two tracks that I really intended for the dance floor, they have a warehouse type vibe. “After The Storm” is a very high energy peak timer, whereas “Tempest” is a roller that progresses over time.

You've had a massive 2016, what were some of the biggest standout moments for you?

For sure, the biggest moment was getting my first EP out earlier in 2016. I was working on it for a long time! I also especially enjoyed all the gigs I played during the summer. Including going to Moscow with the Second State crew. Russia is somewhere I’ve never been before and has such a different culture so it was cool to have the chance to check it out!

How has the move from the UK to Berlin influenced your music?

The move to Berlin primarily allowed me more time to focus on music. Living here is way more relaxed than London, so it really allows you to put energy into what you love. Its also super inspirational to be surrounded by so many other amazing artists in one city. Theres always help, advice, or someone with a synth you might want to borrow around the corner!

What can we expect from you in 2017?

You can expect a lot more music! I have a small tour in Asia planned for January to kick the year off, which will be great. 

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