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Interview: Big Dope P is the hottest producer you need to know about now

His latest project is out via his label Moveltraxx!
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Big Dope P has been making a mark in the underground dance and electronic scene for a while now. His record label Moveltraxx, as well as his work outside of the label, has made him a massive secret weapon in the DJ world. He's recently dropped Downa Ride / Still Trill EP, and we sat down with the Paris/London-based artist to talk about his record label, his latest release, and working with Feadz and Hi Tom! 

Hi Big Dope P, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. You've just dropped your track "Downa Ride." For those that haven't had the chance to listen to it quite yet, what can we expect?

Thank you for having me. "Downa Ride" is a 160bpm hood banger: it's a follow up to my 2016 singles "Prompto" feat. R3LL (on OWSLA) & "Off Da Bottle" (on Local Action). The instrumental is inspired by the place where I grew up (Paris South / Suburbs). The sounds, textures & melody reminds me the vision of those blocks at night. That's what started it all. That's also what the artwork made by Rachel Kate Noble is about. A video is on the way too.

To go along with that, you have a remix with Hi Tom and a B-side with Feadz. What prompted you to work with these particular artists?

I've been working a lot with Feadz these past years, we remixed each other on Ed Banger & Moveltraxx + released several collabs ("Get Wild", "BankRoll" & "Momma On Da Flo"). He is still the french artist I have the most respect for and it's always a big pleasure to do stuff with him. I discovered Hi Tom via Activia Benz where we both released a single with last year. I really love his music and his name kinda immediatly came to my mind when I thought about a remixer for the song. We brought him for the "Downa Ride" release party in London last week, he's super talented, nice & humble and has a lot of big things coming in 2017 solo and & with his band Rytmeklubben.

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You've been in the music world for a minute now. How do you keep yourself motivated through the difficulties the industry side can cause as you continue to travel, DJ, and create music?

That's the cool part when everything you do is organic & you don't owe shit to a label or something/someone who put you where you are : you are in control, which is super important for motivation. I just do my own thing, build stuff slowly but surely & always have new projects & goals so at the end of the day it never feels like I'm doing this for 10 years now, I started young too (17) which was rare in my generation and people were already saying the industry was dying back then, so it's not like if I knew the "golden age". I see these "difficulties" like new challenges & evolution more than problems tbh. In my opinion I still have a lot of things to prove & achieve both as an artist & with my record label so everything still feels new & exciting.

You've been hailed for your underground audience and praised by others DJs as well, but who are some of your favorite musicians and artists? What would we be surprised to know you listen to?

I think my favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Basement Jaxx and Just Blaze. I listen to a lot of french rap tbh, artists like Sadek, Tuerie Balboa, Dosseh & Diomay are not leaving my iPhone rn & otherwise lately I've been listening a lot to artists like Club Kelly, S4U, Fekky, Deena Abdelwahed & the next Moveltraxx records of course. At home I also listen to artists like Chick Corea, a lot of funk from the 78/84 era and house music from late 90s/early 2000s

Finally, what can we expect from you and Moveltraxx for the rest of 2017?

I'll probably drop more singles in same format of "Downa Ride / Still Trill" real soon but what's next is I'm currently working on a bigger record with really dope features (vocalists/producers), not sure what format it will be like EP/LP/Mixtape yet tho but I'm really excited about this right now.

We have a lot of things coming at Moveltraxx too in 2017 starting with a new volume of our "Street Bangers Factory" series, a new record from ghettotech legend Detroit's Filthiest aka DJ Nasty & a best of/anniversary CD/Vinyl/Digi label release + loads of surprises... We also just released a Dudley Slang EP, I hope to do more records with him in the future as I'm his biggest fan.

Purchase the EP project via iTunes here

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