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Interview: Delta Heavy show us what they got

The two are currently on tour through the U.S.

Delta Heavy, comprised of Simon James and Ben Hall, have been cementing a name for themselves within the music scene since they met in 2003 at their university. Since then, they've been touted as one of the most exciting acts since Nero and Chase and Status. 

They've recently been spending time out on tour, and they also just dropped "Bar Fight," and with their album earlier this year, the duo have been making quite the year for themselves. With all of that in mind, we sat down with the guys to learn more about their latest song, what we can expect from their shows, and more!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You're gearing up to release "Bar Fight." For those that haven't pressed play on the track yet, how would you describe it?

It sounds like the soundtrack to a Bar Fight! Super aggressive and chaotic. It's probably one of the most aggressive tracks we've ever written. It was so cool to pick up the guitar after a long hiatus and put down some dirty power chords which really set the tone for the Bar Fight concept. The crowd gets super rowdy when we play this at shows... maybe we should have called it Wall of Death or Mosh Pit.

You guys have been on tour for the better part of the yea, and are continuing on as we speak. What are some standout moments for you personally?

From the last few months, the standout 2 shows have probably been Warehouse Project in Manchester and Red Rooms in Vancouver. They are always good cities and venues to play at with amazing crowds and the promoters consistently put on such great events. Always look forward to them.

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And for those that are still yet to see you, what can they expect from your show?

We like to play very energetic sets, dropping loads of our own material but often dipping into different tempos and genres to keep things interesting and fresh. We are looking at trying a new format at some point in 2017 to enhance our shows beyond DJing.

You guys have been in the music game for a minute now. What advice would you have for anyone looking to get into the music industry?

If you are a producer looking to get your music signed make sure you are sending it to labels and tastemakers sounding the best it can be and ready to go. You want to make a splash with your first tunes as it will really help if everyone knows they need to keep their eyes on your progress. Other than that be hugely self motivated and network like crazy. I got a very poorly paid job as a runner in a studio in London where I met lots of people and then opportunities followed. Direct experience from people in the industry goes way further than any college degree whether your are a music maker, manager, agent or whatever. 

What can we expect from you in 2017? 

2017 is looking exciting already. We're just finishing up our next single which will be coming out around February. We're doing our biggest tour of Australia and New Zealand to date in January/Feb and there are already early discussions about doing some exciting festivals in the summer. 

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