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Interview: From Ibiza to LA, In Lauren Lane We Trust (For a Good Party)

We'll also be premiering her track "Evelyn Glennie" tomorrow!
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Lauren Lane has been honing her DJ craft for a while now. An LA-based DJ who's gotten her hands dirty spinning in the NYC club scene and mastered partying in the infamous Ibiza climate, Lane has been locking down her name as one of LA's best kept secrets as a resident DJ at Sound Nightclub. 

With the support from the international DJ community behind her- including the likes of Seth Troxler, Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Martinez Brothers, TEED, and many more- she's gearing up for a massive release on a project called Mantra 304

We sat down with her to learn more about her fast-track rise to success, and what keeps her going when things get tough! 

Hey Lauren, thank you for chatting with us. You're getting ready to release your second project by Nic Fanciulli’s Saved imprint. What prompted you to release with this imprint again for this upcoming EP? 

Saved released my first EP 'Cool Kids' a few years ago. Having such a longstanding and respected label release my first EP was an honor. I've been working on lots of different types of music since then and when the 'Mantra 304' EP came together I just thought it would be a great fit for a follow up with Saved and they agreed :)

You've had residencies around the world. Do you find that you prepare for sets differently in LA vs Ibiza? 

My environment is one my biggest inspirations so I definitely vary my style a bit when it comes to locations. I always think it's good to feel out the vibe of the party and setting while selecting music. I like so many different genres and sub-genres- I don't like to limit myself. There is a time and a place for it all. 

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You've had a great 2016. What are personal standout moments for yourself? 

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Thinking back to the beginning of the year, the closing beach party at BPM was pretty epic in January. Another standout moment was playing at Warung Beach club in Brazil during Carnaval, plus again at Warung in October with the Kaluki fam. I also had some amazing moments playing during Burning Man as well as multiple fun memories from Ibiza this past summer, especially playing Rumors, Paradise and the Ushuaia closing party. It's so hard to narrow it down...there is a lot to be thankful for!

We're premiering your track "Evelyn Glennie" tomorrow, for those that are curious, how would you describe the track? 

The Ted Talk "How To Truly Listen' inspired this deep tech house track. You can find out more about the deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie by watching her Ted talk here. She definitely inspired this track. It is percussion heavy and as you will hear by her vocal snippet "snares on... snares off" she also influenced the percussion. I highly recommend checking out her talk- maybe it will inspire you too! 

You've crafted a route through your musical career that enables you to play all around the world and release music at some of the best imprints. What advice would you have for anyone that's looking to jumpstart their own music career? 

Play and make what you truly love and be yourself. Reach out to people you respect and admire in the industry and send them your music...Don't give up!

Finally, what can we expect for the rest of 2017?

I'm starting 2017 in Mexico at the BPM Festival and will continue to tour throughout the winter in North and South America plus Europe. You can definitely expect to hear me in Ibiza in summer '17 playing again with Paradise, ANTS, Rumors and more!

Look out for a collab EP with Acid Mondays coming out in early '17 as well!

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