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Interview: There's Nothing Amateur about Amateur Dance's Music. Get to Know Him Here!

His latest EP, Love System, is out now via Anjunadeep.

Australian producer and DJ extraordinare Amateur Dance has been making 2016 one of his best with his recently dropped Love System EP, out via the famous Anjunadeep record label. 

With all of his successes of the year in mind, we had a chance to chat with him before the end of the year to learn about his love for Barry White, his challenges in the music world, and more!

Hey Amateur Dance, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We wanted to ask about your recent release on the 25th Nov, what can fans expect going into the EP?

Thanks for having me! It's always so hard to put yourself in the listener's shoes when it comes to tracks you've been working on yourself for a year or more, but I'd like to think they can expect to hear the sort of dance music they've heard from me before, but dealing with new themes and stories... Really simply, I hope they can listen to it and feel some of the feelings that I tried to put into the songs. My internal critic isn't usually that forgiving but that's what I would like to think :)

What prompted you to team up with Anjunadeep for the release?

They contacted me for a remix of Way Out West's track "Tuesday Maybe" that came out early this year and we talked a bit about doing some releases in the future, which I found really exciting because I've been a fan of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep since I was a teen. Apart from them having the necessary resources, I can tell that they really are very into what I want to do musically and that's one of the most important things when you're considering working with a record label. I see absolutely no point in working with a label that doesn't understand what interests your audience and doesn't have passion for the music.. That's so much more important to me than anything like Facebook reach and PR connections, etc.

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What were the biggest challenges going into the EP? What about the greatest successes you felt once finishing the project? 

It's a collection of tracks made over a longer period of time than most EPs so trying to put it together in a way that honors all of the moments in each track that sparked my initial excitement with them was pretty damn hard.. I think the greatest successes that I felt would be firstly the fact that it came together in a way that still honors each tracks individual moments, and secondly the way the final mix and master for 'Dreamhack' came out. That track especially came out better than I could have imagined and I’ve been really excited for people to hear it.

You've been getting a lot of support from veteran DJs like Pete Tong and John Digweed, but on the other hand, who are some of your favorite artists? Do you listen to anything that might surprise your fans? 

My favorite artists are changing weekly at the moment, but I saw Ben UFO on the weekend and his set rocked my world. Something that might surprise my fans is the absolutely embarrassing amount of Barry White I've been listening to lately! I'm definitely surprised by that one. Hearing a track I'd made being announced by Pete Tong on BBC1 was completely nuts by the way. 

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

Hopefully more music with Anjunadeep and maybe some elsewhere too, I'd like to play a few shows around Australia again this year and work on developing a live set too, maybe even land a date or two in Europe, who knows :) We'll see! xxo

Thanks A.D.! Purchase his latest project via Anjunadeep here

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