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[INTERVIEW + TRACK PREMIERE] Andhim Release Tosch EP Via Their New Label, Superfriends

The fun and eccentric duo, Andhim, release a five track EP via their own newly launched label, Superfriends.

The rambunctious duo, Andhim, infamous for their branded style of music referred to as 'Super-House' have come a long way since their Brooklyn debut in NY at a Bespoke party in 2013. Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller emerged from the Techno mecca, Germany, as champions of House and carry the torch for one of the most fun and genuinely positive music acts. They are the truest representation of a bromance that leads to an incredible dynamic on and off stage. 

Having toured with their Superfriends party in the last two years, they have announced the launch of their own label, Superfriends. The label will serve as their outlet for their own projects and it begins with the release of their new EP titled, Tosch, scheduled for Monday, December 5th!  


01. Tosch (feat. Piper Davis)

02. Mond

03. German Winter

04. Play

05. Horse Society

Have a sneak preview of the last track on the EP, "Horse Society" here:


Magnetic Magazine also had a chance to talk with the two funny men about their new label and the EP:

MM: You guys have had a pretty big year. You’ve been on the Book of Shade Movement’s 10-year album which is awesome. And you now have remixed Rufus De Sol's 'Innerbloom'. Were you asked to remix the track or did you guys just hear it and think “I want to work with this”?

Tobias: We actually didn’t know them before and they or their management asked us if we wanted to do it.

That’s pretty cool considering they were able to kind of match up the vibe. 

Simon: Yeah and they seem to be very, very nice guys. We just texted to them yesterday, and they asked us for a track we played, and we sent it to them and they were like very nice.

How did you like the song when you first heard it?

Simon: It’s a very beautiful song, otherwise we wouldn’t have done a remix.

So Super Friends, I know now you guys officially made it into a label but your party AndHim and Super Friends, was that the start of it, were there any plans for it to become a label?

Tobias: It came step by step. I think you know the idea of throwing own parties it’s kind of the next step thing you can do. It’s also a fun thing to do. Throw your own party, to brand it, to have the full power of the DJs and music, and we really like it. So we started to do the parties and stuff. 

Simon: In the beginning, it was Intimate Friends, and then we called it Super Friends. But then we had the idea not long ago, like a few months ago actually, where the idea was born like years ago, but then we decided to found our own label. And then we thought, “Okay we already have this Super Friends Party going, and it's cool, so let’s just name it Super Friends too.

AndHim, Super Friends, super house.?

Tobias: Exactly. 

Was this year the first year that you threw your own party at WMC or have you done that before 2016?

Tobias: No, we did that last year but not under the name of Super Friends, that was Intimate Friends. It was only one floor … this year we had two floors.

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Every year, a new floor!

Tobias: Yeah, next we’ll have to build a third floor… 

How do you guys like throwing parties at WMC because right now, especially after this year, there was a big media thing, you know, about how WMC isn’t the way it used to be... it’s gotten much bigger and less organized and not about the same values. How did you guys feel about WMC was this year? How did you think they received you because you have a unique brand?

Simon: Our party was different, I mean it was at the Treehouse Miami, it was like a regular treehouse party but only with more friends and very good lineup. I mean we chose the Treehouse nightclub for the party because Treehouse is more like an underground cool club, cool vibe, not a VIP crowd. This was important to us.

So now is your label officially out or is it coming out Dec. 5th, along with your first EP?

The first release will be on Dec. 5th.

You named the EP, Tosch and is that German? What does that mean, does it mean like “touch”? 

Simon: It was actually just a working title, just made up.

So aside from the German language already being difficult, you guys decided to make up some words. And then you named the other ones Mond, German Winter, Play, and Horse Society. Now that is the one that interests me the most is the Horse Society. Who are you trying to insult?

Tobias: In Germany, it was called  'Pferd Gesellschaft' and when we are saving them you always have to come up with a new name. Sometimes we just keep the working title.

So, you spent less on the title and more the sound?

Tobias: No, I mean we were thinking about the titles. The 'Horse Society' is a good example. The German name we had, the working title, was so absurd. But then we thought about how can we name it, so let’s just translate it into English so it sounds dope, so it’s cool.

What new projects do you think you have coming up, right after the EP is released?

Simon: I mean we will definitely focus on the EP now and because it’s four tracks, and they’re all very special, and we put a lot of work into it so we will give every track enough room for itself, you know? We don't want to rush it too much so we will work with the EP for the next month, and then we’re already planning to have remixes so we’ll invite some super friends to remix the tracks.

Is there a reason you prefer to release under your own label?

Simon: It is only our platform,we don’t have to wait for any release plan. We don’t have to give it away. And it will always fit, so you don’t have to think about this label or the DJ. Will they like it or not?

So it’s a more fluid way to produce: You make a song, you like it, you finish it, you don’t stress over it, and you release it, and then you move on to the next track?

Tobias: And we are super excited to get it out. Another important thing that people really don’t know … if you release on a another label, you give away your own rights to the music. Its really not about money because you don’t earn any kind of money with the kind of music we’re doing. It’s niche music, underground. It’s not right that the music you did doesn’t belong to you anymore. A few songs we’re not allowed to upload to youtube … it would say copyright. I mean it makes sense for artists like pop artists who get tons of money from the label for their music. But in our position, it makes no sense to do it. If we sell like, 2,000 records, it’s a success.

I think the music industry really shifted once it dropped physical copies of music to online because now it’s the fucking wild west out there. Who knows who’s getting paid. Most good acts make money off of live shows and touring.

Tobias: It’s okay for us if we’re not selling much. It’s okay for us if we don’t earn any money from the label. This is the good thing about only releasing our stuff, because everything we invest, we invest in our career and in our creativity and in our visions, so we don’t have to worry about the money.

In the event that you both have to get a day job to support your music, what jobs would you apply for?

Simon: Lifeguard … you can wear shorts all day, jump in the water.

Andhim's Tosch EP, launches this Monday on December 5th. You can pre-order here: 




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