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Interview: Zimmer's Latest Project Brings Science to His Art

His 'Ceremony' Project is out now.

Zimmer has been one of the most intriguing artists on Roche Musique, an incredible French label that's been working on some unique dance and electronic-based styles. His latest project, Ceremony, features a darker side of the artist than we previously have seen, and we decided to sit down with the producer/DJ to learn more. 

Hi Zimmer, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. You're getting ready to drop your upcoming EP. What can fans expect with this newest release? 

It’s definitely a darker record than the previous ones. I think it’s a bit more organic sounding, a bit more mature, more diverse also. I’ve been producing a lot more club music, tracks I can play in late night sets which I do a lot as a DJ. The second track (Odyssée) is a first step in that territory. 

But there’s also a track (Fire) that’s typically « Zimmer », so people won’t be lost. 

To go along with that, you partnered with Fhin for the opening track. What prompted you two to work together? 

I really liked Fhin’s music so I reached out. We hung out this summer, played each other some stuff and he really liked that demo. A couple days later he sent me a vocal idea with the guitar hook, and I loved it !

One benefit of Paris is that it’s such a small and concentrated city that it’s easy to meet other artists in person rather than online. 

The press release states that this EP is influenced by your astrophysicist father. How would you say his work has influenced your own work? 

I try to make music that has this feeling of levitation, like you’re in space floating or on earth and looking at the moon and get carried away. That’s the mood I’m looking for in my music. It’s always been present in my music, but I’ve tried to make it even more prominent in that EP as my dad was part of the team who discovered gravitational waves this year, so I wanted to pay tribute to him. Also both of my parents are very dedicated people to what they do, and I tried to put the same dedication in my art. 

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You've been in the music world for a minute now. How do you keep yourself motivated through the difficulties the industry side can cause as you continue to travel, DJ, and create music? 

I love the idea that I have the freedom to create anything and that the only limit is myself. This is a fantastic motivation. Right now my goal is to write an album that I can stand for, create beautiful videos around it and build a proper live show to put this vision on the road. Having the time and ressources to be able to create that is super motivating, even if the music industry can be tough to navigate in my day to day life. 

You've been hailed for your underground audience and praised by others DJs as well, but who are some of your favorite musicians and artists? What would we be surprised to know you listen to? 

Right now I’m really in Love with Paradis’ work. They make fantastic music, and the whole artistic direction is super on point. Other cool less known artists I’ve discovered recently are Maajo (an afro beat band from NYC), Ménage à Trois (a band from Paris), Clément Bazin (who plays real steel drums on his music), Judy (young french band from Reims), Retro Culture (an australian band)… It’s endless. I love discovering new acts. 

In the more established artists, I’m a big fan of Bonobo, Four Tet, Bon Iver, Moderat, Mano Le Tough, Majid Jordan, Bob Moses… 

On the other side, I love listening to french hip hop band PNL when I’m on the road in the states. French lyrics always seem very exotic, espcially when stateside. 

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2017? 

Hopefully my first live shows, an album at the end of the year, more mixtapes than in 2016, great collabs and a ton of DJ dates all around the world as always ! 


Thanks Zimmer! Purchase his Ceremony EP here

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