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Keep Your Cannabis In Tip Top Condition With The Cannador

Finally someone has invented a humidor for cannabis, the perfect holiday gift for the enthusiast
Humidor meets cannabis = Cannador 

Humidor meets cannabis = Cannador 

Story and Photos By Caitlin Murphy

Gone are the days of keeping your stash in a ziplock bag, hastily stuffed into your preferred hiding place. With the steady ascension to legality and the growing acceptance of both medicinal and recreational cannabis, the substance has definitely become a status symbol, with a variety of high class accessories flooding the market. Whether high-art pieces for smoking or storing, torches that light up at just the right temperature, gold leaf papers, the case for cannabis-as-luxury has never been stronger.

No product has spoken to this in quite the way Cannador, a humidor that keeps just the right level of humidity for proper storage of your bud, has. They don’t just look decadent, they help maintain the quality of your product for the best flavor and smoking experience.

Humidity control is by it’s nature a thing for precious possessions: art collections, wine cellars, cigars, fur coats, and musical instruments are all things a scrupulous collector will keep in humidity control of one form or another. Since a traditional tobacco and cigar humidor is too moist and causes marijuana flowers to mold, they created an alternative at a lower humidity, with a neutral wood so it doesn’t affect the flavor.


Cannador also offers an option that brings this old technology into the future—the Bluestream, a bluetooth hygrometer that helps you visualize the moisture in your Cannador through an app. Based on technology that was originally created for the humidity regulation of musical instruments, the Bluestream is perfect for those who want that extra level of control over the quality of their carefully selected product.

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I received the Four-Strain Cannador with Nook in exchange for my honest review of the product. The cherry wood is beautiful and I really like that I can lock it if I need to feel extra secure, though sometimes the lock doesn’t latch and the keys--you receive two, one with a tassel-- aren’t unique and even looked like what would come with your standard bondage handcuffs to my eye. If I had any one major suggestion to the company it would be to get more secure locks with keys unique to each product for heightened security. I usually keep mine unlocked and keep one of the keys on my keychain, another in a drawer in my room, so I’m not terribly worried about it personally, but it may be a consideration for others.

The structure is solid and at 7lbs, weightier than I was expecting. Measuring in at 10”x8”x5”, it’s also quite big but should fit in a drawer or under a bed if you’re not looking to keep it on display like I do mine.

The Cannador x 4 

The Cannador x 4 

The science behind the Cannador is pretty simple: away from harmful UV light and at just the right humidity, it helps protect and regulate the compounds in your bud as well as keep the material itself moist for a smoother and more flavorful smoking experience. The ease of using the humidity bead system--just wet when it changes color--makes it incredibly simple to use and monitor, even without the precision of the Bluestream.

One of my favorite aspects isn’t noticeably part of the product, though: it’s the company’s dedication to sustainability, planting for every Cannador that’s purchased. I am, admittedly, a bit of a sucker for that kind of respect for the environment that recognizes the symbiotic relationship at play here. Definitely not my worst trait.

The Cannador and Bluestream are definitely products for people who live in states where they can easily access recreational or medicinal cannabis, and absolutely for those who frequently purchase bud. They’re both an investment, but they’re investments that will keep and even improve the quality of your products, keeping your product fresher and better tasting for longer. This will definitely be high on my list of recommended gifts for the quality-loving cannabis users in my life.

Some might say they’re fine with their mason jars or their ziplock bags, and to that I say: why not give your bud, your joints, your cannagars the respect and care they deserve? 

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