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London Mayor Brings Nightlife to Another Step in the Right Direction by Appointing Chair for Night Time Commission

Philip Kolvin QC, Fabric Nightclub's lawyer, will be working with Night Czar Amy Lamé on the future of nightlife in London.
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Sadiq Khan has announced that he will appoint Philip Kolvin QC for the chair of the Night Time Commission in an effort to preserve nightlife as they progress London towards a 24-hour city. 

The Night Time Commission will work with with the Metropolitan Police, various venue owners, the authorities and residents to ensure that the city is safe and works in accordance with the interests of everyone in mind. 

His job will start on January 9th. 

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Kolvin QC comments about his appointment- 

"As the capital grows, we must plan for a growing night-time economy for the whole of Greater London – something that can only be achieved through proper partnerships with stakeholders, strategic planning, and investment in infrastructure.

It’s vital that we ensure that everyone benefits from a thriving night-time economy – from those who want a great night out, to those who want a good night’s sleep. I look forward to working with the capital’s new Night Czar, Amy Lamé, so that we can develop the role of London as the global leader of the night-time economy.”As he mentioned in above, he will be working largely with Night Czar Amy Lamé on ensuring that nightlife remains in the heart of the city rather than pushing it out towards the outskirts. 

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