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Magnetic Mag End of the Year Guestmix -Ponicz

UK Bass producer Ponicz gives you our last Magnetic guest mix of the year full of surprises.


Before we close the year out on Saturday night I wanted to make sure to get one more artist on our list of artists who contributed a guest mix in 2016. Well known for his euphoric breakdowns and filthy bass drops, Ponicz is the last DJ handing in a guest mix this year, full of new and loved tracks. 

His influences range from hip-hop legends Public Enemy and Dr. Dre, to dubstep masters Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, and Flux Pavilion. He has been producing for just over 6 years now and has seen some solid support over the last couple years. 2017 is definitely going to be a breakthrough year for the project. 

We got the pleasure to ask John a few questions before his mix to get to know the man behind "Ponicz" a little better. 

1. How did you come up with the name, what's it mean to you?

Most of my younger years were spent with friends that would grow, it wasn't until me and my mate purchased a "Hydro Ponic" set up that It instantly came to mind to use the name Ponicz.

2. How early did you start producing and what was your setup? 

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I had been mixing for 4 years until I started producing in 2009. I remember a work friend telling me about a software called FL9 that allowed you to make your own music which blew my mind. I spent 9 months struggling to do the basics without knowing of any tutorials until I signed up for a one-year music course that showed how to use CUBASE 5. Although we were supplied with macs to use at college I would still bring in my broken down DELL laptop with my RELOOP headphones daily so that I could continue my work on the bus and when I got home.

3. Who are you inspirations and why?

My inspirations are the guys at CIRCUS Records (Doctor p, Flux pavilion, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase) They were the reason why I started making dubstep in the first place. Their sounds have been manipulated by so many artists and yet they would still come through with original sounding music that will never be forgotten.

4. What's your input to becoming a trending artist?

I try to avoid listening to any dubstep while working on a project because I want my music to sound original as possible! Nothing wrong with getting inspiration from your favorite artists but my goal has always been to make music that comes from within!

5. What are you excited for in 2017?

I'm very excited about the direction my music will be heading in 2017 with recent signing with "UAA AGENCY" and tours being organized in America throughout the year! Not just that, I have multiple releases lined up with labels that I've dreamed of working with since the day I started. I feel 2017 is the start of something special.  

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